Two Potential Sean Payton Return Destinations

Two Potential Sean Payton Return Destinations


Two Potential Sean Payton Return Destinations


Danny Karnik/AP Photo

Former New Orleans Saints head coach and Super Bowl champion, Sean Payton, retired after last season’s finish, but rumors have swirled surrounding his intentions to remain retired. “If the right situation presented itself, I would definitely be interested,” Payton said while on the NewOrleans.Football podcast. That quote begs the obvious question, what could be the right situation? 

Answering that question ahead of the offseason can be tricky, but it’s one NFL fans will have their eyes on. It looks like there are a couple of situations brewing that could potentially fit Payton’s criteria for a return to coaching. Let’s take a look at a pair of potential situations that may be enough to entice Payton to flee retirement. 


Los Angeles Chargers 

Even the most optimistic Chargers fans would admit that the squad’s 2022 campaign has been a bit lackluster. All things equal, the franchise has yet to meet its lofty expectations. When expectations are not met, change often follows. It’s not set in stone, but if the Chargers don’t make drastic improvements and see playoff success, head coach Brandon Staley could be on his way out. Los Angeles currently sits with a 5-5 overall record after going 9-8 and missing the playoffs in 2021. If a change at head coach is eventually made, the Chargers job may be the ideal job Payton is looking out for. A star young quarterback, multiple versatile weapons, and several playmakers on the defensive side of the ball is more than enough to meet the requirements of a good job. Not to mention, wouldn’t a pairing of Payton and Justin Herbert be must-see television? It almost makes too much sense. 


Denver Broncos 

The Broncos can’t move the football. It’s hard to find a polite way to describe Denver’s offensive performance thus far this season. Despite the offense’s woes, the defense has been outstanding over the first portion of the season. First-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett relinquished his play-calling duties ahead of the team’s loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, but that didn’t contribute to a victory. With Denver looking increasingly chaotic, a world where Hackett returns for a second season seems impossible. It makes sense that the Broncos would seek-out an offensive coach and somebody to help quarterback Russell Wilson return to his former self. This situation could be appealing to Payton. After all, he did have plenty of success with an undersized quarterback, a talented running back, and an impressive defense in New Orleans. How many head coaching jobs with a great defense and a Super Bowl winning quarterback come available? Not a lot, Payton may take advantage of the opportunity if it appears. 


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