Time for Mark Davis to Blow up the Raiders and Hire Sean Payton

AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato

Time for Mark Davis to Blow up the Raiders and Hire Sean Payton


Time for Mark Davis to Blow up the Raiders and Hire Sean Payton


AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato

The Las Vegas Raiders are on fire, and not in a good way. After a telling loss at the hands of the New Orleans Saints 24-0, the writing on the wall speaks loudly: It’s time for Raiders owner Mark Davis to fire Josh McDaniels, blow it all up, and start fresh with a real NFL head coach by the name of Sean Payton. It is bold. It is decisive. It is time.

Currently, Las Vegas sits at the bottom of the AFC West at 2-5 and 1-2 in the division. Worst, is that the West has opportunities to win. The Los Angeles Chargers have shown they haven’t really arrived as a threat to Kansas City, and the Denver Broncos haven’t gotten the return on the investment they made in Russell Wilson. 

The choice has been made for Davis

Davis has no choice in the matter and McDaniels has made it that way. In Davis’ defense he couldn’t have had any idea the Raiders would be in such a predicament. He believed perhaps, that the offensive coordinator who has been a part of so many championships in New England may finally get it right after failing so spectacularly in Denver. But at the end of the day, McDaniels is only a very good assistant coach and is simply not cut out to be a head coach in the NFL. Davis has found this out the hard way.

The loss in New Orleans is a sign that Davis needs to correct course with urgency. Against the Saints, the Raiders didn’t have an offense capable of getting past midfield until late in the fourth quarter. Defensively, the defense allowed Andy Dalton, yes that Andy Dalton to put up 24 points. 

The offense was an ill-conceived plan that had McDaniels completely bail on Josh Jacobs and the running game. Jacobs had been a bright spot for Las Vegas, averaging 4.3 yards a carry against the Saints defense. However as the Raiders began to fade, Jacobs would become an afterthought, and wind up with a paltry 10 carries on the day.

Carr is not the answer in Las Vegas

It’s also time that a long look be given at Derek Carr. Carr has been a gamer by every definition. On Sunday, the back injury that didn’t allow him much practice time showed in his play. He would finish his day on the bench after going a painful 15 of 26 for 101 yards and one interception. Davante Adams again was poorly utilized in New Orleans. Adams saw one reception for three yards, being targeted only five times. Needless to say, the high profile addition to the Silver and Black has been a bust. 

For Davis, the solution has been decided for him. But for an owner living in the shadow of the great Al Davis, he needs to do exactly what his father would, and that is to cut bait on what is not working, blow it all up, and go bold by hiring Sean Payton. 

Go “all-in” with Sean Payton

The upside is glaringly obvious. First, the down-time Payton has been taking hasn’t been planned to last long. He’s spoken of being a head coach again with ESPN quoting the Super Bowl winning coach saying, “If the right situation presented itself, I would definitely be interested”.  Plus, given his credentials via his record in New Orleans, he would have his pick of any job opening that will inevitably arise. In Las Vegas, his impact would be fairly immediate with a long term solution that would bring a Super Bowl contender to the Raiders’ faithful. Davis would and could trust Payton to get it right, and Davis should allow him complete and total freedom on all personnel moves. He would be able to properly assess whether Carr is the answer or a short-term placeholder for another quarterback, and be able to build a staff who could take the Silver and Black to the next level, which is what Davis believed McDaniels would do.

Sean Payton is the guy you give a blank check to and give him what he wants as far as compensation. Davis can’t blink at the number, all he has to do is shake his new coach’s hand and express his absolute cooperation. For the Raiders, Payton would bring instant credibility to the fan base and even more so, to a locker room in desperate need of leadership and not excuses. Further, the players would know ownership “gets it” and is taking the decisive action to fix a wrong and bring a solution that will pay immediate dividends. 

The Las Vegas Raiders have flatlined, and Mark Davis is now on the clock. If he gets this right, he may finally realize the success his father found, but will have done it on his own.

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