Three Takeaways from the New York Giants loss to the Detroit Lions

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Three Takeaways from the New York Giants loss to the Detroit Lions


Three Takeaways from the New York Giants loss to the Detroit Lions


In one of their most sloppy games of the season, the New York Giants fell to the Detroit Lions at home today, 31-18 making them now 7-3 on the year as they head towards the harder part of their schedule this season. The Giants offense looked almost non-existent with three turnovers, two of them interceptions by Daniel Jones while the defense could not stop the Lions running game and in particular Jamaal Willams with three rushing touchdowns. In a game where the Giants were favored and supposed to win, they dropped it and here are my three biggest takeaways from the Giants loss on Sunday.

Offense is really not that good

Let’s call it like we have seen it, this Giants offense is just awful. They only had six points the entire first half and it seemed like the Giants could never get a drive going. Granted, there have been many injuries on this Giants team especially on their receiving core. But still, the Giants should have addressed these issues on offense and their performance today proved that the only thing holding this team back is the lack of playmakers on offense with the exception of Saquon Barkley. These next several weeks are going to show what kind of the team the Giants really are with their opponents being the Cowboys. Eagles and Washington twice and the Vikings. It will be interesting to see if the Giants can go toe to toe with them.

Defense has the inability to prevent big plays

The Giants on defense really could not stop the Lions on offense. Jamaal Williams ran all over the Giants defense with three rushing touchdowns on 17 carries for 64 yards. Jared Goff was able to make big plays too when it mattered the most. Granted, the Giants defense was pretty banged up but the defense could not stop the Lions high powered offense. The Giants defense needs to get healthy if the Giants want any chance of winning their next seven games down the road.

It’s time for an Odell Beckham Jr. reunion

With reports surfacing early Sunday that Odell Beckham Jr. will be visiting both the Cowboys and the Giants, it is time for the Giants to make a move and offer their former first round pick a contract to play for big blue. Even though Beckham has dealt with two ACL injuries the last two seasons, he is still a dynamic receiver when he is healthy. He can be the boost on offense the Giants need. They don’t have a true number one receiver or a number two one too honestly. This is a major part of the Giants season coming up. You want to compete and make a playoff push…sign Beckham Jr.!   

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