Three Takeaways From Los Angeles Rams Loss Against The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Three Takeaways From Los Angeles Rams Loss Against The Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Three Takeaways From Los Angeles Rams Loss Against The Tampa Bay Buccaneers


The Los Angeles Rams went cross-country to the Gold Coast of Florida. In a late broadcast window, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were looking for a silver lining in a season of disappointment. They found it. With a little magic, the Bucs scored on a short touchdown pass from the one yard line to finally find the endzone, and get a needed win 16-13.

Bucs Win, But Problems Still Exist

Without a deeper look, it’s hard to know who won this game and who lost. The ever hyper Tony Romo put on his “Tommy Terrific” hat as Brady finally got the Buccaneers in the endzone leaving only 0.09 left on the clock for the Rams to try and find a miracle. Still, the Buccaneers weren’t very good up until the very end of the game in a matchup that was remarkably dull when the expectations would be otherwise. Statistically, Brady looked like Brady. He completed 36 passes for 280 yards and one touchdown. But the Bucs rushing game inflated those numbers as Tampa running backs had a total of 51 rushing yards. The appearance that this team is distracted, perhaps trying to figure what happens next can’t be ignored. But those issues will all be lost in a win where a HOF quarterback looked the role, if only for a few moments at the end. 

Rams Go From Bad To Worse

What can you say about Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams that hasn’t been rumbled about this season. The offensive line can’t protect an already fragile quarterback, their rushing game is centered around a running back who doesn’t want to be there, the normally red hot Cooper Kupp isn’t, and the defense has become a haven for penalties. The problems continue to mount for a team who has been at the top of the heap in the NFC for a long time. Now 1-1 in Super Bowl appearances, that isn’t in the cards in 2022. McVay is already hinting at one foot out the door, making one wonder if the head coach who turned everything to gold even has his heart in it. From the looks of the things, he already looks to have left the building.

Expectations Gone Bust

When Tom Brady decided to go back for one last hurrah, it was his theory that the NFC South would be an easy path to the postseason, but a “cup of coffee” in the playoffs won’t take away the promise of a year where his personal and professional life went up in smoke. He rolled the dice and came up empty. That is an image not likely to go away anytime soon. 

The Rams will be looking at a probable disassemble akin to blowing up a franchise. It was a good run, but it ended much too early for a team who won a Lombardi Trophy in early February. Neither will be play this year on Super Sunday, which is fitting for teams who went south at the same time.


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