The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week Nine from a Statistical Perspective

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The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week Nine from a Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week Nine from a Statistical Perspective


A lot of the teams that are leaders in each statistical category on the season are some familiar faces, and the offensive categories look about the same. Some of the defensive statistics this week do feature some new teams, however, with teams like the Rams, Patriots, and Lions making an appearance.  This week’s performances bring up some ascendant teams.


Week nine – Chicago Bears

This season – Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have been a consistent leader on the season in the rushing category, and their week nine looks no different, as they were utterly dominant in the category. The only team that rivaled them was the Bengals, but despite Joe Mixon’s great performance, Justin Fields helps bring the edge to Chicago. The Bears finished with the most rushing yards this week at 252, as well as 6.3 yards per attempt. Their rushing yards per game average is at a whopping 195.4 at first in the league, as well as being good for 5.4 yards per rush attempt this season. 



Week nine – Miami Dolphins

This season – Miami Dolphins


This week the Kansas City Chiefs ended with a lot more passing yards than any other team at 422, but one team in the Miami Dolphins was second at 302. The thing that makes the passing yards from the Chiefs look a lot less productive is their passing yards per attempt, which was extremely average this week and not even within the top ten. The Miami Dolphins, however, finished with the most passing yards per attempt at 10.1. This also helps Miami keep their crown as the best passing offense in the NFL as they average 8.6 yards per passing attempt, which is tied for best in the league with the undefeated Eagles. They also average the second most passing yards per game at 293.6, to show just how dominant the Dolphins are in their pass attack. 


Rush Defense

Week nine – Los Angeles Rams

This season – San Francisco 49ers

Despite their loss, the Los Angeles Rams were able to stuff the Buccaneers running game. The Rams held Tampa Bay to just 51 yards on the ground and the fewest yards allowed in the category in the league. This resulted in being in the top three in opponent yards per rush attempt this week at 2.6. On the season, however, still no one can rival the 49ers. San Francisco allows only 3.4 yards per rushing attempt, which is best in the NFL. Going hand in hand, the 49ers allow the least amount of rushing yards per game at 86.6.


Pass Defense

Week nine – New England Patriots

This season – Denver Broncos

The Patriots defense was all over the Colts in week nine. With how many sacks they gave up, Indianapolis did not stand a chance. Due to the overall effort, New England held them to just 43 yards passing in the game. This was by far the best in the league, as well as them giving up just 1.5 yards per pass attempt in the game. As has been a theme on the season and nothing changing on their bye week, the Denver Broncos have the best pass defense in the NFL. Denver holds their opponents to just 165.8 yards by air on average, and just 4.7 yards per pass attempt, which are both top in the league.



Week nine – Cincinnati Bengals & Detroit Lions

This season – Philadelphia Eagles

Cincinnati and Detroit’s defenses were able to help their teams to victory by causing the most turnovers in week nine. Each team was able to get three takeaways in their respective wins, with the Bengals all happening in the first half and the Lions coming at the biggest moments. Nothing has changed for the Eagles, as they still sit atop the throne for the best team at getting takeaways this season. The average sits at 2.3, where Philadelphia has been dominant. 

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