The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week Eight from a Statistical Perspective

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The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week Eight from a Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week Eight from a Statistical Perspective


Week eight was one to remember, with some dominant performances from familiar teams like the Broncos, and new ones like the Titans popping up in two categories for the week. As the season goes on, the statistical leader on the season becomes more clear and indicative of their strengths. The following are the statical leaders this week and on the season throughout the NFL. 


Week eight – Tennessee Titans

This season – Chicago Bears

The Tennessee Titans were the definition of dominant when it came to the ground game on Sunday. They had by far the most rushing yards with 314 in week eight, and were tied for first in average yards per rush attempt at 7.0. This helped the Titans beat the Texans in a dominant performance, along with leading in another statistical category. On the season, it is still close between the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens. The Bears are averaging a bit less yards per rush attempt at 5.3, compared to Baltimore’s 5.7. On the season, however, the Chicago Bears are averaging more rushing yards per game at 188.4, which is the best in the NFL. 


Week eight – Miami Dolphins

This season – Buffalo Bills

The Miami Dolphins’ high-powered passing attack was once again on display in Sunday’s win, as they tried to play a bit of catch-up to rack up some yards. They amounted for the most passing yards this week with 369. In turn, they had the most passing yards per attempt at 10.6, showing just how consistent they can be in the air. On the season, the Buffalo Bills still hold their crown, with the third best average of passing yards per attempt at 8.1, and dominance in average passing yards per game at 307.7, which is the best in the league.  The Bills remain as the best passing teamin the NFL. 


Rush Defense

Week eight – Tennessee Titans

This season – San Francisco 49ers

The Titans are back with the best rush defense in week eight. They were able to hold the Texans to just 43 rushing yards, which was actually good for third place behind New Orleans and Cleveland. But the Titans held their opponent to the least rushing yards per attempt this week with just 2.4. The dominance of the 49ers rush defense on the season is also back. They are only allowing 86.6 rushing yards per game, which is the best in the league. This helps them to be the best in the league in opponents yards per rush attempt as well, only allowing 3.4 yards per attempt.


Pass Defense

Week eight – Denver Broncos

This season – Denver Broncos

Just like last week, the Denver Broncos have the best pass defense this week, as well as on the season. They allowed only 114 yards by air this week, and are only allowing 165.8 passing yards per game this season on top of that. This helps Denver allow the least yards per pass attempt on the season as well at 4.7, and in their week eight dominance over the Jaguars they allowed just 3.7 yards per passing attempt, which was also the best in the league. 



Week eight – New England Patriots & Minnesota Vikings

This season – Philadelphia Eagles

We see a tie in week eight for takeaways between the Patriots and Vikings. They both were able to get three takeaways in their respective games, which was the highest for the week, but not quite good enough for the season averages, despite being in the top five. The team at the top in takeaways per game is the Philadelphia Eagles, as they are good to take the ball away 2.3 times per game this season.

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