The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week 12 from a Statistical Perspective

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The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week 12 from a Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week 12 from a Statistical Perspective


Week 12 presented some insane games on the ground, as not every team looked like the Dolphins and Ravens run defense. Over half of the league got over 100 yards rushing, including one of the most dominant teams across the board in the league. That team was the Philadelphia Eagles who found themselves in three of the five categories in some fashion. These are week 12’s most dominant teams from a statistical perspective.


Week 12 – Philadelphia Eagles

This season – Chicago Bears

What a week for several teams across the NFL when it came to ground games. Despite a monster performance from teams like the Raiders and Browns, the Eagles still take the week 12 crown. Philadelphia not only got what they wanted on the ground from their running backs, but even Jalen Hurts was out there breaking records. He looked the part and all this together resulted in the most rushing yards in week 12 at 363. This was good for 7.4 yards per rush attempt, which was also the best in the league. 



Week 12 – New England Patriots

This season – Miami Dolphins

Despite the loss, the New England Patriots air attack looked great on Thanksgiving. The Patriots threw for 364, which was the best in the league, against a pretty solid Vikings secondary. This was good for 9.8 yards per catch and the week 12 statical passing leader award. The Dolphins sit in a tight race with the Chiefs for the best passing attack, but a dominant performance over the Texans keeps them on top. The Dolphins average the most yards per pass attempt at 8.5 in the entire NFL, and the second most passing yards per game at 291.9. Tua and this Dolphins offense sat for half of their game against Houston but showed they were the real deal yet again on Sunday.


Rush Defense

Week 12 – Baltimore Ravens

This season – San Francisco 49ers

Once again in week 12 we see a team dominant in a category despite a loss. Baltimore kept Jacksonville to just 38 yards rushing in their game, which was second best in the league only behind Miami. This was good for the least yards per rush attempt allowed in week 12, though, at just 1.9. If it is the Ravens pass defense late in games or their offense to blame, either way these close games always seem to implode for Baltimore. On the season, the 49ers still hold the best run defense. Holding their opponents to just 3.3 yards per rush attempt and 29.5 yards per game are both the best in their respective categories across the league. 


Pass Defense

Week 12 – Kansas City Chiefs

This season – Philadelphia Eagles

In the Chiefs win on Sunday, they allowed just 82 yards passing. The score does not do justice to just how dominant this defense was, as not only was that best in the league, but the 3.4 yards per pass attempt average allowed was also a league best in week 12. On the season, the Eagles remain at the top of this category with some of the best averages in those same categories, allowing 5.4 yards per pass attempt which is first, and 183.6 yards passing per game which is second best.



Week 12 – Miami Dolphins

This season – Philadelphia Eagles

The Miami Dolphins brushed past the Texans this last week, and in large part thanks to how good they were at getting turnovers. The Dolphins led the league in week 12 with three turnovers in their game. The Eagles aren’t giving up easy and still hold the crown on the season, averaging 2.1 takeaways per game.

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