The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week 11 from a Statistical Perspective

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The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week 11 from a Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams in Week 11 from a Statistical Perspective


Week eleven comes to a close with the top seed in each conference making several appearances, and then some surprise teams like the Patriots and Commanders shining. Here are week 11’s most dominant teams based on statistics. 


Week 11 – Kansas City Chiefs

This season – Chicago Bears

The Kansas City Chiefs offense just had a monster game in Sunday Night Football of week 11. With 163 total rushing yards in this game, the second most in the NFL, the Chiefs actually had 6.0 yards per rush attempt, which was tops in the league. No team this week came particularly close, and it could be due to a weak Chargers run defense, which was also keying in on the Chiefs passing attack. On the season, though, the Chicago Bears still hold their crown high, as they are tied for first in yards per rush attempt this season at 5.4 with the Ravens. They are alone on top of the league in team rushing yards per game, though, at 197.9. 



Week 11 – Kansas City Chiefs

This season – Miami Dolphins

As seen, both offensive categories for week 11 are led by the Kansas City Chiefs. This shows just how dominant this offense was against the Chargers. I mentioned the Chargers keying in on the Chiefs passing game, but that is a tough task, and the Chiefs still lead the category. The Chiefs had 329 passing yards this week, second only behind Cincinnati. The Chiefs really shined with their efficiency, however, with 9.9 yards per pass attempt to bring them over the hump as the best passing offense this week. The Miami Dolphins sneak back into the passing statistical leaders following the week, however. The Dolphins average the most yards per pass attempt in the NFL at 8.6, and the second most passing yards per game at 293.8. 


Rush Defense

Week 11 – Washington Commanders

This season – San Francisco 49ers

The Commanders defense looked the part against the Texans on Sunday. Washington held Houston to just 21 yards on the ground, in large part due to playing with a lead. Despite the lead, the efficiency shows in that Washington allowed only 1.3 yards per rush attempt this week, by far the best in the NFL. The San Francisco defense shows back up as the best running defense, as they hold their opponents to the second least rushing yards per game at 82.7 only behind Tennessee. No one allows less yards per rush attempt to their opponents than the 49ers, however, which earns them the top spot. 


Pass Defense

Week 11 – New England Patriots

This season – Philadelphia Eagles

The Patriots and Jets game was quite the snooze fest until that last play in large part thanks  to the Patriots defense just being utterly dominant in this game. New England was able to hold Zach Wilson and the Jets to just 44 team passing yards in this game. That totalled to only 2.0 yards per pass attempt, which was by far the least in the league. This helped lead the Patriots to a win, and the Eagles best pass defense on the year to just one loss to this point. On the season, Philadelphia is allowing the second least passing yards per game at 178.4, just behind Dallas. The Eagles give up the least yards per pass attempt at 5.1 in the entire league, and helps them beat out teams like the Cowboys and Broncos, who have controlled this category for a while. 



Week 11 – Baltimore Ravens & Detroit Lions

This season – Philadelphia Eagles

The Baltimore Ravens had a tight game with the Carolina Panthers and really shut down Carolina’s offense, a lot of that owing to some turnovers. The game was put out of reach as towards the end of the game the Ravens picked off Baker Mayfield. This helped bring the Ravens to the top of the takeaways category for week 11 alongside the Detroit Lions, as both teams had three takeaways. The Lions turnovers helped also lead them to victory and their rookies really shined. The leader on the season goes unchanged, with the Eagles average dropping a little over the past couple weeks as they are now at 2.1 takeaways per game, but still lead the league in the category.

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