The Green Bay Packers Need Some Love

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The Green Bay Packers Need Some Love


The Green Bay Packers Need Some Love


Coming into the season the Packers had some high expectations and it is clearly safe to say that they have not lived up to those. They currently sit with four wins and eight losses after their Sunday Night Football loss to the Eagles. The loss was normal but actually seeing back up quarterback Jordan Love on the field seemed foreign. It is time for the Packers to sit Aaron Rodgers down and start Love.

There are a few reasons why this needs to happen so let’s get into them. First and foremost Aaron Rodgers is not himself. He came into the week playing with an avulsion fracture in the thumb of his throwing hand and left the game with a rib injury. At this point their season is over, so what does playing Rodgers do for them? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Rodgers has nothing to prove. We all know what he is at this point and time and we all know he is capable of playing at a high level. Right now the risk does not outweigh the reward when it comes to playing Aaron Rodgers. If they know Rodgers is their guy next year or even if they know they want to trade him, there is no point in risking further injury and running their plans whatever they may be.

The second reason is also pretty simple, no one truly knows what kind of player Love is. This is important to find out not only for the Packers but for the rest of the league as well. Love came into the game yesterday and honestly looked great. Love completed six of nine passes for 113 yards and a touchdown against an ELITE defense. It is time for the Packers to put their former first round pick on center stage and see what he is capable of. The only start of his young career was not the best, as he struggled against the Chiefs last year. And as an organization you cannot have that be his only real taste of the NFL.

The third and arguably most important reason why the Packers should sit Aaron Rodgers is because it helps them answer so many questions. The Packers do not know if Love is their future, the Packers do not know if Love is worth trading, they do not know if it is worth trading Aaron Rodgers, and they do not know if Love is even good. Every single one of these questions can be answered if they start Jordan Love for the rest of the season. Answering these questions allows you to have a better and more clear plan for the future and that is way more valuable than the extra two or three wins you MIGHT get.

The Jordan Love era in Green Bay has been weird from the moment he was drafted. As time passes the Packers continue to face these tough questions and situations and it is only getting more difficult. If they want to get the most out of this situation then they must sit Aaron Rodgers and let Jordan Love show what he is capable of.


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