Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals Game Preview 11/9/2022

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Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals Game Preview 11/9/2022


Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals Game Preview 11/9/2022


The Rundown:

One of the hottest rivalries in hockey takes place tonight in the District of Columbia. The spotlight shines on Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin as they spark their rivalry for the first time this season at Capital One Arena. Crosby and Ovechkin have been phenomenal to start this season. Yet this 63rd regular-season meeting between them will have a different tone with each of their teams battling through early-season adversity. They are each tied for career points going into tonight’s matchup, with 1,423 points a piece. But what they are both mostly going to be fighting for is the points in the standings as each team looks for a win tonight.

The Matchup

The Capitals last year dominated the Penguins during the regular season. The Caps picked up three wins out of the four games against the Penguins. Between these two teams, there is never a dull moment. And last year, there was never a shortage of goals being scored. A total of 29 goals were scored by both teams in those four games, with the Caps leading with 18 goals. The Pens (4-6-2) and Caps (6-6-2) are both struggling in the standings. For the Pens, this is a must-win game to stop a seven game losing skid. For the Caps, they need to wade this one out with a win as they continue to push through this season as their injuries pile up.

Players To Watch

For both teams, Crosby and Ovechkin are the players to watch. Crosby and Ovi on their own have a timeless rivalry. Both are spectacular individual performers, and have been attached by the hip for their careers since they entered the league. This matchup is the first of many this season. Their rivalry should bring out the best in both players and their teams. When these guys lead the charge, excitement is always afoot.

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