One thing each AFC team is thankful for this holiday season

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One thing each AFC team is thankful for this holiday season


One thing each AFC team is thankful for this holiday season


With it being time for Thanksgiving, it’s time to reflect on the past year and look at what we are all thankful for. The same sentiment goes for NFL teams because each one is thankful for many things. But yet, each has one main aspect that they are really thankful for this holiday season. I start with the AFC and separate the teams by division and breakdown what each team is thankful for:

Here is the NFC one as well.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills: Depth

The Bills have suffered a ton of injuries so far this season and yet, they still sit with a record of 7-3. They normally beat themselves and if they can just clean that up would be a true Super Bowl contender. Quarterback Josh Allen is a true MVP candidate when healthy and can lead this team to the promise land. But they need to play with more consistency. The depth helps and is something I’m sure they are thankful for after putting the roster together in the past offseason.

New England Patriots: Bill Belichick

Belichick is still coaching and while that’s the case, the Patriots will be somewhat relevant. This team has played a masterclass on defense while the offense has stunk up the joint. If Mac Jones and the offense could just get something going, the Patriots could be scary. Belichick is doing another marvelous coaching job and New England has a chance to make the playoffs once again.

New York Jets: The famous coin flip

If you haven’t heard about this before, well you’re in for quite a story. A random fan decided to do a coin flip of the Jets season before the year and posted it to twitter. So far, the coin is 10-0 in results and doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Is it lucky or impressive? I’d say that it is pretty impressive to be honest. If it remains true, New York will be playing in the AFC Championship game. Hmmmm…

Miami Dolphins: Mike McDaniel

McDaniel has come into this franchise and completely changed how they run. He has helped quarterback Tua Tagovailoa change the trajectory of his career. The system that McDaniel has in place is a big reason as to why the Dolphins sit atop of the AFC East this late into the year. They are a very talented team that could make real waves come playoff time.


AFC West

Los Angeles Chargers: The rest of the division being bad other than Kansas City

The Chargers came into the season with some of the highest expectations in the league. Injuries and inconsistent play have derailed those a little bit and they find themselves at 5-5 right now. Luckily for them, the Broncos and Raiders have both vastly underperformed their expectations as well. The Chargers are in the thick of the playoff hunt, but they will need to pick up the pace as the season starts to wind down.

Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes

It’s simple but true. Mahomes has changed everything about the Chiefs and how they are viewed. Since he took over as the starter, Kansas City has seen instant success. They’ve won a Super Bowl already with him and are currently sitting as the top team in the AFC. Mahomes is currently the frontrunner for the MVP award this season. He is a gamechanger and has earned the thanks from the Kansas City fans.

Denver Broncos: Hope of a new year

It hasn’t been the season that the Broncos envisioned when they traded for quarterback Russell Wilson. But like always, there is always going to be a new season. And it can’t be as bad right? RIGHT? Hope is one of the few things that the Broncos have to be thankful for this season. Maybe another year in the system with Wilson will be better but it looks bleak. Hope is the friend of those who believe so go crazy Denver.

Las Vegas Raiders: Devante Adams

The Raiders are a mess, but Adams has been a consistent bright spot in the darkness. He has posted 64 catches for 925 yards and 10 touchdowns. He remains one of the best wide receivers in the league and has given Las Vegas fans a reason to watch games on Sundays. He will likely get to 15 touchdowns on the year if he keeps up this pace, which is impressive in itself.


AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers: T.J. Watt

Without Watt, this team has looked like a shell of their former selves. Yet with him, they are competitive and while they likely won’t win a ton of games, they fight. He is their MVP through and through and the city of Pittsburgh loves this guy. He is the definition of Pittsburgh as he is tough and gritty. He may be able to help this Steelers team avoid a truly bad record but not much else.

Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson’s loyalty to the city of Baltimore

Everyone and their mother knows that the Ravens need to pay Lamar Jackson. He is their franchise and without him, they wouldn’t be atop the AFC North right now. He seems very loyal to the city despite how the franchise has handled his contract issues. The Ravens need to be thankful for this and pay the man that they call quarterback one.

Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow

It may be cliché, but Joe Burrow has completely changed everything about the Bengals. The front office runs differently now, the city is fully behind them, and the team is actually winning. The Bengals run to the Super Bowl last season was no fluke and as long as Burrow is under center, they have a chance.

Cleveland Browns: Nick Chubb

Without the production that Chubb has put in this season, who knows where the Browns would be. This isn’t a good football team, but Chubb has been a bright spot. They don’t have their first-round pick for this upcoming draft, so this is simply a lost season for Cleveland.


AFC South

Tennessee Titans: Mike Vrabel

Every year we see the Titans be one of the best teams in the NFL and despite their lack of success come playoff time, it’s impressive. This team is tough and always plays that way. This comes back to the coaching staff and how they get the players prepared. Once again, Tennessee is towards the top of the AFC and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Christian Kirk

Many people were amazed at the Jaguars willingness to give Kirk such a hefty contract this past offseason but clearly, they saw something that others didn’t. Kirk hasn’t disappointed and has put in a very nice season for the team despite their losing record. He has posted 52 catches for 679 yards and seven touchdowns on the year. One of the few bright spots for Jacksonville.

Indianapolis Colts: Jeff Saturday

It was quite the shock when former player Jeff Saturday was announced as the new head coach of the Colts. But he has done a good job in his first couple of games. The team seemed to have a new energy to it and are playing hard. That isn’t something that can be said about the team prior to Saturday joining. He likely won’t be the head coach for the long-term but for now, maybe he can instill some positive habits to use going forward.

Houston Texans: A loaded QB class coming out

The Texans have been bad this season and look to be in line for the first overall pick. Luckily for them, the class of quarterbacks coming out seem to be some of the best in recent memory. Despite all the struggles this season, fans may have something really exciting coming in the near future.


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