NFL Players As Thanksgiving Dishes

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NFL Players As Thanksgiving Dishes


NFL Players As Thanksgiving Dishes


It’s Thanksgiving time and that means many people will be sitting down to enjoy a nice meal. Every household has different traditions and customs for the holiday but some food dishes do remain the same. Each serves a clear purpose within the meal and has a role. It’s kind of like athletes on each respective team. Here is something that nobody asked for but that I’m writing anyway. Here are the most common Thanksgiving food dishes as NFL players:

Turkey: Patrick Mahomes

Turkey is and always has been the star of the show. It’s why people come to dinner and everyone looks forward to it. Much like Mahomes, people tune in when he is playing. Since he took over in Kansas City, Mahomes has taken the league by storm. I’m not sure that there is a bigger star in the NFL right now than Mahomes.

Gravy: Travis Kelce

You can’t have turkey without gravy right? I mean I guess you can but they work better together. Kelce and Mahomes are a dynamic duo and one of the best around the league.

Stuffing: Aaron Donald

One of the more consistent dishes for Thanksgiving, the stuffing always comes up clutch. Like Donald, it’s one of the best around and can be relied on. We saw Donald play at his highest in the Super Bowl and now he has a ring to add to his legendary career.

Cranberry Sauce: Jalen Hurts

Cranberry sauce always gets a mixed reaction. Some like it and some don’t, much like Hurts. The NFL community is torn on whether or not he can be the franchise quarterback for the Eagles. We haven’t seen him in the postseason much but that is likely to change this year. If he does well, maybe he’ll be a different dish next time around.

Potatoes: Justin Tucker

Often times, potatoes of any kind get taken for granted. We all know that they are there and we eat them, but it’s not normally the first thing anyone notices. Tucker is the same way when you think about the Baltimore Ravens. He often gets forgotten in their success. He is a key weapon in their attack and is a major reason to why the franchise has won so many games.

Cornbread: Jimmy Garoppolo

Garoppolo, much like cornbread is extremely solid. It won’t always get the job done but it just works. Garoppolo has been a good quarterback in this league despite his struggles in the postseason at times. He is a winner and like cornbread, always gets underrated.

Pumpkin Pie: Joe Burrow

Pumpkin pie just like Burrow is always good. Even when it’s not great, it still finds a way to do the job. While the two may not always be perfect, they both do their best to get us across the finish line. Like pumpkin pie, you save the best for last and Burrow is hoping that he is the last quarterback standing this time.


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