Donovan Michell Is Finally the Best Shooting Guard in the NBA

(AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

Donovan Michell Is Finally the Best Shooting Guard in the NBA


Donovan Michell Is Finally the Best Shooting Guard in the NBA


Throughout his NBA career, Donovan Mitchell has been commonly known as one of the better shooting guards in the association. Upon getting drafted, Mitchell proved himself to be an elite scorer, with playmaking and shooting talents that improved year by year. 

It seemed as if he may have reached an early peak in Utah last season, as with each passing season, the guard failed to take his game to the next level. However, after a trade to a more talented Cleveland Cavaliers group that fits him better, Mitchell finally took that jump and now looks like the undisputed best shooting guard in basketball.

In eleven games this season, the multi-time All-Star is averaging 32 points, four rebounds, and six assists on shooting splits of 51% from the field and 45% from long-range. Cleveland is out to a host start with an 8-3 record and this is in large part due to Mitchell’s MVP level play. 

(AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

Mitchell was always poised as a player, but he looks even more controlled this season. His ability to control the pace is at its peak, and he’s gone from a pure elite scorer to a true offensive engine this year. He’s proving he can both provide 30+ points on any given night, while setting the offense up for those around him. The Cavaliers have been one of the most efficient volume shooting teams in basketball thus far early into the season because of the way Mitchell has opened the floor for those around him. 

The jump Mitchell has made is what separates players from All-Stars and franchise cornerstones. From tightening his handle, to improving his awareness running the offense, to even locking in more defensively, Mitchell has separated himself early on from the Devin Booker’s and Zach LaVine’s of the world. Both are great complimentary stars, but aren’t complete enough offensively to take on this type of load. 

Players in that category need a true secondary star on that level to balance it out, but Mitchell has proven he doesn’t need that. He showed glimpses of this in Utah when he had close to no offensive help. Now, Mitchell has more talent around him and he’s proving that he can be the true primary offensive generator on any given night.

Mitchell’s jump to near superstar realm is what put Cleveland over the top as true contenders. They have All-Star level talent around him with Darius Garland, Evan Mobley, and Jarrett Allen. They also have great supporting role players in Dean Wade, Ricky Rubio, and Caris LeVert. All the Cavs needed to get over the hump was a true number one guy. 

Some will argue Mitchell still isn’t that level of a player. However, he’s proving in front of our very own eyes that he can control the pace of the game on the same level as true championship engines. The talent around Mitchell also allows him to do it at the highest rate. As good as the Cavs’ supporting cast is, this team goes as far as Mitchell takes them. 

No other shooting guard in basketball currently has the ability to take over the way Mitchell does. They all need another star at the same level or better to bounce off of and compliment them. However, Mitchell is showing the NBA world he doesn’t need that which separates him from the rest of the pack. It’s time to stop referring to Mitchell as just your regular All-Star guard, and instead refer to him as one of the true superstars in the NBA.


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