College Football Playoff Rankings Analysis: Championship Weekend

Tom Fox / Staff Photographer @ Dallas Morning News

College Football Playoff Rankings Analysis: Championship Weekend


College Football Playoff Rankings Analysis: Championship Weekend


Another week of the College Football Playoff rankings have come and gone and now it’s time to break things down. Looking at the top six of the rankings, we can see some patterns with how the committe views these teams. Head-to-head, type of loss, and conference strength come into play. With only a week left in the season, each game becomes magnified and these teams only have a short time left to make their case. Here are the six teams still alive for the College Football Playoff.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide (10-2, next game N/A)

Alabama is now in wait and see mode after finishing their regular season with a win against Auburn. The Crimson Tide have a very slim chance to make the College Football Playoff but multiple teams would need to lose bad enough for the committee to put them in. It’s not likely but Alabama is still alive somehow.

5. Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1, next game N/A)

It’s very telling that the committee didn’t drop the Buckeyes that far. They still view them extremely high and Ohio State is very much alive for a Playoff berth. One loss by either Michigan, USC, or TCU and the Buckeyes likely slide into the final spot. They are in a wait and see mode too but their chances are much higher than Alabama.

4. USC Trojans (11-1, next game vs. #11 Utah in the Pac-12 title game)

It’s simple for USC. Win and you are in the College Football Playoff. With LSU losing last week, it opened the door for the Trojans to have a great chance at doing this. Playing against a tough Utah team won’t be easy however and the Trojans will need to come ready to go.

3. TCU Horned Frogs (12-0, next game vs. #10 Kansas State in the Big-12 title game)

TCU is in the same situation that USC finds themselves in. Win and you are in. Even with a close loss, the committee may keep TCU in due to them only having one loss. TCU has had a great season and deserves a spot in the Playoff.

2. Michigan Wolverines (12-0, next game vs. Purdue in the Big-10 title game)

Michigan is likely in no matter what unless they get blown out by unranked Purdue. It’s hard to see that happening so the Wolverines are as close to a lock as can be.

1. Georgia Bulldogs (12-0, next game vs. #14 LSU in the SEC Title game)

Georgia is in pretty much no matter what happens in the SEC title game. Even if they somehow lose to LSU, they’ll drop to the final spot. Much like last season in this exact situation, the Bulldogs will make it. They will get to defend their title and go for back-to-back titles.


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