Are the Philadelphia Eagles for Real?

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Are the Philadelphia Eagles for Real?


Are the Philadelphia Eagles for Real?


Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Halfway through the NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles have made waves, as they are the only undefeated NFL team through eight weeks. Jalen Hurts has looked phenomenal, A.J. Brown has been an obvious difference maker this season, and the defense is clicking regardless of their opponent. The narrative changes drastically when you pay attention to who the Eagles have been playing, and suddenly, they remind you of the 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers team who went 11-0 before losing five of their next six games, including a first round exit in the playoffs.


Week One

The Eagles played a high-powered Detroit Lions offense and narrowly pulled out the victory with a final score of 38-35.  Eight weeks later, the Lions are now 1-6 and have a bottom five defense in the league. 


Week Two

The Eagles annihilated a good Minnesota Vikings team, in fact, that Vikings team is currently 6-1. That loss to the Eagles remains the only blemish on the Vikings resume, but there’s more to this game than meets the eye. Kirk Cousins, the quarterback for the Vikings, is notoriously horrid during primetime games, especially Monday night games. Cousins now has a Monday night record of 2-10 following his loss to the Eagles, and his only career Monday night wins have come against the “bad news” Chicago Bears. 


Week Three

During Week Three, the Eagles defeated a Washington Commanders team whose defense currently has allowed the fourth most passing touchdowns in the league and also has the second least number of interceptions on the season. The Commanders are currently 4-4. 

Week Four

The Eagles defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 29-21, the Jaguars are currently 2-6. 


Week Five

The Eagles narrowly defeated the Arizona Cardinals 20-17. The Cardinals are currently 3-5 and last place in their division. They were also missing DeAndre Hopkins during their matchup with the Eagles. 


Week Six

The most exciting matchup predicted for the Eagles thus far into the season. The only problem was that Dak Prescott was injured and did not play versus the Eagles.  The Eagles defeated backup quarterback Cooper Rush with a final score of 26-17.  The margin of victory was only nine points, even though Rush threw three interceptions during this game. 


Week Eight

The Eagles defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are currently 2-6 and last in their division. 


Week Nine

The Eagles defeated the now 1-6-1 Houston Texans, who are also last in their division. 


For the sake of argument, let’s exclude the game vs. primetime Kirk Cousins and the game versus backup quarterback Cooper Rush. The other six opponents the Eagles have defeated have a combined season record of 13-33-1. Similar to the 2020 Steelers, the Eagles have had an incredibly favorable schedule, including playing against backup quarterbacks and against the worst primetime player in the league. It’s almost as if the stars have aligned for this year’s Eagles, as they also have a very favorable schedule to finish the remainder of the regular season.  

The Eagles have won all the games they were supposed to win, and by no means can we knock them for doing so, but the evidence is undeniable. It will be hard to truly believe in the Eagles until they can prove themselves in the first round of the playoffs this season.  


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