2022 NFL Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

2022 NFL Trade Deadline Winners and Losers


2022 NFL Trade Deadline Winners and Losers


Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The 2022 NFL trade frenzy set a record of 10 trades before the deadline time hit. There were even a few trades before November that have had a big impact on teams. With players on new teams, draft picks dealt, which teams won and lost from making deals


There were many winners from the trade deadline, many were buyers instead of sellers, but the price to add a superstar to achieve success is never too high. Two teams who were both winners out of one trade were the Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco received running back Christian McCaffrey, who already has 132 rushing yards, one rushing and receiving touchdown, in two games with the 49ers. The biggest concern was the injuries McCaffrey has endured throughout his career, but the 49ers gave up four draft picks to take a gamble on the superstar running back. The 49ers gave up four draft picks which are: a 2023 second-round pick, 2023 third-round pick, 2023 fourth-round pick, and a 2024-fifth round pick. For the production the 49ers can get out of McCaffrey and not having to give up a first round pick, I feel like that’s huge for San Francisco. Especially since McCaffrey looks like his old self who once recorded over 1,000 rushing yards, and 1,000 receiving yards. The Panthers did get a lot out of this, and with the way the franchise is going, these extra draft picks will be essential to their rebuild. 


The Baltimore Ravens are first in the AFC North, and want to continue to build what is a frightening defense. Their addition of Roquan Smith makes them a winner, mainly due to how talented Smith is. They were able to get one of the Chicago Bears best players for linebacker A.J. Klein, a 2023 second-round pick, and a 2023 fifth-round pick. However, the downside to this trade is the contract details. There is a reason why the Bears couldn’t come to an agreement with Smith, and with a looming Lamar Jackson contract for the Ravens, this trade can either be worth the risk, or come down to money issues. However, the addition really can elevate the young, talented Ravens defense, and adding a good veteran can help build leadership in the locker room.

The Miami Dolphins have draft picks. They have been able to turn three first round draft picks into, Jaylen Waddle, Tyreek Hill, and now Bradley Chubb. The Dolphins really know how to do business, and they are winners from the trade deadline because they want to win and go all in. An explosive offense to match with a solid defense is all this Miami team needs to be playoff bound. They only had to give the Denver Broncos running back Chase Edmonds, a 2023 first-round pick, and a 2024 fourth-round pick. For a player like Chubb, both sides of the deal won, especially the Broncos, who now have a first round pick for next year’s draft, after they dealt one in the Russell Wilson trade. The Broncos already expressed that they would be shopping players, and moving Chubb for the value they got was the best they could do, especially after the disaster they are having from the Wilson deal and trade. 


The Chicago Bears are on the winners list, and not for shipping out Roquan Smith and Robert Quinn, but for getting Justin Fields a wide receiver. The only reason the Bears are a winner is, the Bears need to desperately do something to build around Justin Fields. Any help they can give him gives Fields more help and confidence. However, the Pittsburgh Steelers are also a winner out of this trade because they received a 2023 second-round pick from this trade. The Bears paid a price to get good talent, not great talent, but good talent, and that pick could have been valuable since it most likely will be in the high 30s. However, the Steelers knew the Bears needed a receiver, and they got the asking price they wanted. 


The undefeated Philadelphia Eagles are on this list for acquiring Robert Quinn from the Bears. They only gave up a 2023 fourth-round pick for a player who has a similar scheme to what the Eagles already run. The Eagles have been extremely aggressive when it comes to trading for talent, and this trade probably won’t be any different. The Eagles are stacked on talent on both sides of the ball, and adding a pass rusher like Quinn’s caliber could be the final piece they need to be unstoppable. 


This may be a surprise, but I have the Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons here because of the Calvin Ridley trade. The Jacksonville Jaguars are here because they acquired the closest thing to a true wide receiver one for Trevor Lawrence. Currently, Lawrence has been having a rough year and could use any help he can get. The downside to the trade is why the Falcons are a winner. Calvin Ridley was suspended for a year, and hasn’t played football in more than a year. The Falcons were able to get a 2023 conditional fifth-round pick and 2024 conditional second-round pick for a player who hasn’t played in a while. Being able to deal out Ridley was the best option, as the Falcons have young talent like Drake London now, and will probably be looking into the 2023 draft class for a receiver as well.  


The Kansas City Chiefs were able to add a fast wide receiver to their roster, and for how young Kadarius Toney is, they really didn’t have to give up a lot. Their trade with the New York Giants in only giving up a 2023 third-round compensatory pick and 2023 sixth-round pick could be a possible steal for the potential Toney brings. The Giants really didn’t use Toney correctly, and his injuries didn’t help his case either, but a place to revive his career is with Patrick Mahomes. 


The Buffalo Bills want to be the best in every aspect of a football game, and their rushing game just got better with Nyheim Hines. Hines, who is coming from the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for Zack Moss and a 2023 conditional fifth-round pick, has already improved himself in being part of one of the best offenses in the NFL. Coming from the Colts, he was underused and was part of one of the worst offenses in the NFL. Buffalo, who was ready to move on from Moss, was able to get a strong running back to take some stress off Devin Singletary. The Bills continue to improve their game, even if it’s not a big trade, the tiny wins continue to make Buffalo a better team. 


The New York Jets have a shot at the playoffs, but after Breece Hall, their rookie running back, went down with an ACL injury, things started to look bad. However, James Robinson was able to bring back the confidence for the Jets, and they only had to give up a 2023 conditional sixth-round pick. The biggest winner from this trade is Travis Etienne, who was already showing better success than Robinson in the rushing attack. Etienne can now really explode on the Jaguars’ offense as the starting running back. 


The Washington Commanders are unlikely winners from the trade deadline. They were able to trade away cornerback William Jackson III and not have to pay a majority of his contract. The three-year $42 million contract the Commanders gave Jackson was a horrible move, and now they can alleviate some of the trouble that came with the contract. 


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