Three takeaways from the San Francisco 49ers win against the Los Angeles Rams

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Three takeaways from the San Francisco 49ers win against the Los Angeles Rams


Three takeaways from the San Francisco 49ers win against the Los Angeles Rams


It was a big one in the NFC West on Sunday as the San Francisco 49ers traveled south to take on division rival Los Angeles. In a game where the Rams weren’t able to score a single point in the second half, it’s become obvious the window has closed in Los Angeles. San Francisco ended up winning an easy one;. 31-14, closing the book on a Super Bowl champion, who lifted the Lombardi Trophy only nine months ago.

McVay and Snead own this mess

The dramatic fall for the Los Angeles Rams is stunning. This team was the easy favorite heading into 2022 and are now scrambling to find some way, any way to turn it around. They won’t find it in a trade at the deadline or someone on their bench. The problem is Sean McVay, who no longer has the “Midas Touch”, but has a case of being ineffective in his current capacity. Yesterday alone, he left both quarterback Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp in the game late, causing Kupp and Staffofd to suffer injuries the Rams don’t need. McVay and Snead are tied at the hip. The practice of making hasty moves to “win now” has come back to haunt them.

Niners and Seahawks in the driver seat

The 49ers and Seahawks are the clear front runners and don’t appear to be looking back, with both the Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles rounding out the bottom of the NFC West. Both are in prime position to get into the playoffs, and unless Seattle cracks, both will. For the Cardinals, Kyler Murray continues to be a drag on the team. Meanwhile, the Rams are looking at wholesale changes to get back into the fight, including finding a quarterback to be ready to assume the reins when Stafford ultimately goes down. 

The next Super Bowl winner is in San Francisco, not LA

The San Francisco 49ers showed they are a legitimate contender to win a championship this season. They are strong on both sides of the football, and whether Niners General Manager likes it or not, has a good thing in Jimmy Garoppolo. As the flirtation with greatness proved fleeting for Los Angeles, their rapid descent to pretender will leave a wake the league will shake their head at for a long time.


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