Three Takeaways From The Giants Victory Over The Green Bay Packers

Three Takeaways From The Giants Victory Over The Green Bay Packers


Three Takeaways From The Giants Victory Over The Green Bay Packers


The New York Giants surprised the Green Bay Packers and upset them in London, 27-22 to move them to 4-1 to win all from last year. The Giants are now 3-0 all-time across the pond and are in position to grab a playoff spot if they keep up their winning ways. With the Giants now 4-1 and knocking on the top spot of the NFC East, here are my three biggest takeaways from the Giants win over Green Bay.

1. Brian Daboll is the coach the Giants have been looking for

There is no quit on this Giants ball club. This game seemed to be a blowout with the Giants being down as much as 14 in the second and trailing 20-10 by halftime. Many experts would think an Aaron Rodgers led team will take care of this game and win. But the Giants put up a lot of fight and grit and outscored the Packers 17-2 in the second half. Brian Daboll is the main reason why in my opinion. Under a different coach in the past few seasons, the Giants would have just thrown the towel and accepted defeat, but not under Brian Daboll. This game and all season long, they show fight and won’t go down easy. The Giants under Brian Dabool show a different type of grit.

2. Daniel Jones is playing mistake free football:

Daniel Jones is not putting up huge numbers and stats at all. In fact, he’s not thrown a touchdown pass in three straight games, but that doesn’t matter. Jones, in his fourth year as the Giants signal caller has only had three turnovers, a fumble and two picks. He’s done a great job taking care of the football and he’s putting solid and methodical drives together. At one point today, he led a 92 yard drive that tied the game up. Jones does not need to light it up at all. All he needs to do is to play mistake free football and give the Giants a chance every week and so far in this win today and all season long, he’s done that.

3. Saquon Barkley is back:

Saquon Barkley looks like he’s on another level this year and he’s just getting started. With the Giants offense facing an unprecedented amount of injuries this week, he has helped revamp this Giants offense. Barkley can help the Giants mount a series playoff run and give them a chance to get back to the postseason. He has also helped take a lot of pressure off Daniel Jones and make him more comfortable and not rely on him completely. If he continues this pace and leads the league in rushing, look out!     


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