Three Keys For The New York Giants Against The Green Bay Packers

Three Keys For The New York Giants Against The Green Bay Packers


Three Keys For The New York Giants Against The Green Bay Packers



This matchup will perhaps be the toughest the Giants have faced this season as they head across the pond to take on the Green Bay Packers. With the Giants offense still not at 100 percent as wide receivers Kenny Gollady and Kadarius Toney will not be making the trip with the team and quarterback Daniel Jones not fully healthy, this won’t be any easy game by any means. Their defense will get a boost, bringing back former second round pick safety Landon Collins to the team. With all these news and storylines heading into this matchup, here are the three keys for the Giants to pull off an upset of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. 

1. Don’t fall behind early

If you’re playing against a team that has Aaron Rodgers, it will be a challenge for sure. What the Giants don’t want to do is to fall behind early in the game and have to play catchup against a top tier quarterback. Aaron Rodgers will be a hard player to beat and judging how bad the Giants secondary has been in their first four games of the season, expect Aaron Rodgers to take advantage of that and put up monster numbers. If the Giants want any shot at this one, this has to be the number one priority.

2. Keep Saquon going

Saquon Barkley has been a welcoming surprise for the Giants and Giants fans. The former second overall pick in 2018 has already rushed for 463 yards in four games which is good for first in the NFL. Not a bad start for Barkley after only mustering 593 rushing yards total all of last year. This will be a great opportunity for Barkley to put up more impressive numbers. The Packers defense struggles mightily stopping the run and with how little skillmakers the Giants have in their receiving core, Barkley will likely get a lot of carries with the ball. I truly believe if Barkley continues to look like what we have seen him do in the Giants first four games of the season, the Giants have a shot.

3. Pressure Aaron Rodgers

The Giants pass rush has been really good this season in their first four games. They in fact were able to sack Justin Fields five times last week and force a fumble loss. The Giants pass rush has been one of the best this season and if they can get to Aaron Rodgers with their offensive line still not at full health, this game could become a close, low scoring affair.     


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