The New England Patriots Should Move Forward With Bailey Zappe

The New England Patriots Should Move Forward With Bailey Zappe


The New England Patriots Should Move Forward With Bailey Zappe


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On Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears, Mac Jones, the first round pick out of Alabama, was benched in favor of backup quarterback Bailey Zappe. Zappe had been under center while Jones was out due to injury and was able to win two games for the New England Patriots. After the loss to the Bears, a quarterback controversy has arisen, so who should the Patriots move forward with? 

Who is Bailey Zappe? 

Bailey Zappe is a young quarterback out of Western Kentucky University, who was drafted in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. At Western Kentucky, Zappe broke the most passing touchdown record (62), formerly held by Joe Burrow. Zappe also broke the most passing yards in a season, as he threw for 5,967. Obviously, Bailey Zappe wasn’t playing in the SEC, Big Ten, or ACC, but an impressive college season can’t be overlooked. His competition, Mac Jones, out of Alabama, had good numbers in college, but nothing as amazing as Zappe had. Jones’ best year was when he threw for 41 touchdowns and 4,500 yards. Zappe showed he was an underrated candidate in the 2022 NFL Draft, and now he is showing he can be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Why Should Bailey Zappe Start? 

Bailey Zappe won’t be starting against the New York Jets, which means on Sunday it is a get right game for Mac Jones. Jones is still harboring his ankle sprain injury, and we’ll see if his decision to not get surgery is the right one or not. Obviously, Jones’ decision-making has speculated rumors that the Patriots and Jones are at odds, but it does make the situation even messier. This is where Zappe can take advantage of the obvious elephant in the room, as right now, Zappe looks really good when he is on the field. In the almost four games he has played in, he has 781 passing yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions. In comparison to Jones who has also almost played four full games, has two touchdowns, six interceptions, and 799 passing yards. Jones has just not been good this season, and part of that may be due to injury, but he has not shown any explosive factor to the Patriots offense. 

The moment Zappe took over against Chicago, the Patriots were able to put seven on the board, wide receivers were getting open, and the offense was grooving. Now things did go downhill after the first two drives, but you don’t see that same explosiveness out of Jones. One thing Jones lacks is mobility, which Zappe has. Jones is already in his second year and is struggling, at odds with the organization, and just can’t get it together. If Jones can’t get it together against the New York Jets, especially by halftime, then Bailey Zappe is the obvious choice. Zappe has stepped up enough, and in his first game against the Green Bay Packers, the entire game plan by Bill Belichick was to run the ball. However, even though the Patriots ran down the Packers’ throats, when Zappe needed to make throws or a play, he showed he has heart and will fight to make something happen. 

This is a conversation of who the better quarterback is, but also who is more likely going to go places with the Patriots franchise. Since Tom Brady left, the Patriots are still looking for his replacement, and I truly believe that can be Bailey Zappe. 


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