The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Six From A Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Six From A Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Six From A Statistical Perspective



This week had some interesting teams at the top of each statistical category who showed a dominant performance. The week six slate saw mainly AFC teams at the top, and the majority on the season going to the AFC as well. Only one team finds themselves on top of two statistical categories this season in the Buffalo Bills. 


Week six – Jacksonville Jaguars

This Season – Cleveland Browns

The Jacksonville Jaguars had the most rushing yards in week six with 243, and still ended up losing the game. There were a few teams in week six that had dominant ground games and had a loss, such as the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints. Jacksonville still will take the crown despite the loss, as they were also second in yards per rush attempt at 7.4. On the season we see a familiar face in this category, though, as the Cleveland Browns return. They may be sixth in rushing yards per attempt at 5.2 this season, but they average the most rushing yards per game with a whopping 172. 



Week six – Miami Dolphins

This season – Buffalo Bills

The Dolphins had a quarterback injury which led to a quarterback change mid game, in addition to already missing their starter, and still had the best passing offense in the NFL this week. Miami was just behind the Colts in total passing yards this week and ended up with 385. But the Colts were not even top ten in yards per pass attempt, while the Dolphins sat at third this week with 8.9 yards per pass attempt. The statistical category still belongs to Buffalo when you look at the first six weeks collectively, however. The Bills are averaging 8.1 yards per pass attempt, which is fourth in the league, but first place is a three way tie at 8.2. The Bills average the most passing yards per game in the NFL, though, and are the only team over 300, as they average 323 passing yards per game this year. 


Rush Defense

Week six – Jacksonville Jaguars

This season – Buffalo Bills

The Jaguars were dominant this week when it comes to defending on the ground. They held their opponent to just 45 yards, which was the best this week. This was because they gave up just 2.8 yards per rush attempt, which was third best in the league in week six. This season, however, two teams are really battling it out for the best run defense. Those two teams are the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers. Buffalo is going to take it, despite giving up more yards per rush attempt. San Francisco gives up 3.3 yards per rush attempt while Buffalo gives up 3.5. Why I chose the Bills was the difference in the other category, as the Bills only give up 76.2 yards per game on the ground while San Francisco gives up 87.5 rushing  yards per game.


Pass Defense

Week six – Chicago Bears

This season – San Francisco 49ers

The Chicago Bears were able to hold their opponent to just 86 passing yards in week six. This was best in the league, which also led to them being the best in week six in opponent’s passing yards per attempt. They gave up just 3.9 yards per pass attempt, which was also the best in the league this week. On the season, the dominant 49ers defense looks the best, giving up just 5.5 yards per pass attempt, which is fourth in the league. What brings them to first is that they give up just 168.3 yards passing per game.



Week six – New England Patriots

This season – Philadelphia Eagles

The Patriots defense did a fantastic job against Cleveland in week six. They totaled four takeaways in the game, which was the best in the NFL this week. On the season, the Philadelphia Eagles stayed dominant in the category, and now hold first place alone. They are averaging 2.3 takeaways per game, just ahead of Buffalo with 2.2 to hold first. 


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