The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Four From A Statistical Perspective

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Four From A Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Four From A Statistical Perspective


AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Some teams are really showing out compared to others in each statistical category. Certain teams have dominated their statistical categories and really have shown their unit should be at the top of the league’s rankings. For example, on the season, the San Francisco 49ers have had the best pass defense and rush defense. It’s pretty impressive to be at the top of both categories as that makes it very well rounded. These are week four’s most dominant teams, both from just this week and on the season. 


Week Four – New York Giants

This Season – New York Giants

The New York Giants not only led the league in rushing yards in week four, but also lead the league in rushing yards per game so far this season. They were especially dominant this week, though, with 262 yards in week four. This was not only the highest but the next closest team was Cleveland at 177, so you can see how dominant they were. This brought them to 192.5 rushing yards per game, which is also the highest. Although their rushing yards were so high, this was third in the league in rushing yards per attempt with 6.0, with Houston at the highest with 9.4. On the season, the Giants are even a little bit better in second, at 5.7 yards per rush attempt, only behind Detroit. Although they are closely behind a couple other teams in this category, the rushing yards per game brings them over the others to be the most dominant overall on the ground. 


Week Four – Seattle Seahawks

This Season – Miami Dolphins

The Seahawks really seemed to have their way offensively against the Lions this week, as they participated in a shootout and racked up some yards. Seattle actually had less passing yards than Detroit at 320 in this game, but their yards per pass attempt brings them over the top for this week. They had the best in the league at 10.7 yards per pass attempt in week four. On the season, though, we still see the Miami Dolphins sitting atop this statistical category. They average 8.8 yards per pass attempt so far this season, which is second in the league. They are also third in passing yards per game at 291.8. The only other teams making a case are the Bills, Chargers, and Eagles, but as you look across both categories, I chose to look at the Dolphins, who are more consistently towards the top. 

Rush Defense

Week Four – Kansas City Chiefs

This Season – San Francisco 49ers

The Chiefs looked dominant overall this week against the Buccaneers, but especially in their run defense. Kansas City gave up only three rushing yards total against Tampa Bay. This was good for just 0.5 yards per rush attempt, which was by far the best in the league this week. This extremely dominant performance gives them the best run defense in week four. On the season, however, there is an even better team, as the 49ers have the crown. San Francisco has allowed only 2.9 yards per rush attempt this season, which is the best in the league. They also sit at second in opponents rushing yards per game at 73.3, only behind Kansas City themselves. 

Pass Defense

Week Four – Chicago Bears

This Season – San Francisco 49ers

You can argue the strength of their opponent all you want, but the Bears had the best pass defense in the league when you look at the stats. They gave up just 71 yards by air this week which was the best in the league, and their 4.4 yards per pass attempt average was second best just behind Dallas. This was a pretty dominant performance by the Bears. On the season, things look a lot different, though, as the 49ers may only have the third best average when it comes to opponents yards per pass attempt at 5.0, but they have one of the best in the league in another category. This statistical category is opponents passing yards per game, and they are second with 161.3 yards given up by air per game. This shows how stout the entirety of the 49ers defense is. 


Week Four – Philadelphia Eagles

This Season – Baltimore Ravens & Philadelphia Eagles

The Ravens still find themselves towards the top of the league in takeaways, but the Eagles have joined them with a stellar performance. The Ravens were able to get two takeaways of their own on Sunday, but the Eagles got a whopping five against Jacksonville. This helped tie their average takeaways per game at 2.5 which is the highest in the league. Teams that watch these teams need to watch out, as they will take advantage of their opportunities. 


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