The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Five From A Statistical Perspective

Ashley Landis/AP Photo

The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Five From A Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Five From A Statistical Perspective


Ashley Landis/AP Photo

We are wrapping up Week Five and some new faces are finding their way into the list. The further we get into the season, the more accurate the seasonal statistical leaders will be, but it is also important to see who has performed well as of late. To do that, it starts with looking at who dominated each statistical category throughout Week Five.



Week Five – Los Angeles Chargers

This Season – Cleveland Browns

The Chargers pounded the running game this week against the Browns, because it was working. They finished first in rushing yards in their Week Five win with 238. This ended up being good for 7.0 yards per carry, only behind the Seattle Seahawks in Week Five. This game was interesting, though, because on the other side is the Browns, who despite coming off the loss, have the best running game on the season. Despite being currently fifth in rushing yards per attempt at 5.3 through the first five weeks, they are first and in a pretty comfortable lead in rushing yards per game at 192.4. 



Week Five- Buffalo Bills

This Season – Buffalo Bills

The Bills not only finished with the most passing yards in Week Five, but also have the most passing yards per game this season. This week, they were able to hit 432 yards by air in their dominant win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. On the season, they are averaging 324 passing yards per game, which as I said, is best in the league. It doesn’t stop there, as the Bills are averaging 8.1 yards per pass attempt this season, which is good for third. This week against Pittsburgh, however, they were extremely efficient with 12.0 yards per pass attempt. 

Rush Defense

Week Five- Tennessee Titans

This Season – San Francisco 49ers

In Week Five, the Tennessee Titans were able to hold their opponent to just 43 yards on the ground, which was second best this week. What made them stand apart, though, was having the best average when it came to opponent’s rushing yards per attempt at 2.5. On the season, we still see the San Francisco 49ers topping the list, as they are allowing just 3.0 yards per carry on the season. This is the best in the league, and they are also at the top of the list in opponent’s rushing yards per game at 71.4 this season. 


Pass Defense

Week Five- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This Season – Denver Broncos

This past week, only one team gave up less passing yards than the Buccaneers. That team was the Los Angeles Rams, as Tampa Bay was just behind in allowing 110 yards by air. The Buccaneers, however, were the best team in the league in pass defense because they landed first in opponent’s passing yards per attempt at just 4.4 in Week Five. On the season, we see another team in the Denver Broncos, where their odd games and opponents may skew this, but the statistics look good. The Denver Broncos are giving up just 5.2 yards per pass attempt so far this season, which is second in the league, only behind the Philadelphia Eagles. What brings them over the top, though, is that they are first in opponent’s passing yards per game at 176.6 through five weeks. 



Week Five – Dallas Cowboys

This Season – Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, & Philadelphia Eagles

This statistic is a very solidified one, and this week we saw the Dallas Cowboys come out with the most takeaways against the Rams. This week it was a little lower with three for Dallas, but this was still enough to be alone in first place. On the season, we now see a three-way tie at 2.2 takeaways per game between Baltimore, Buffalo, and Philadelphia. These teams have been consistent at taking the ball away every week, and are currently all above the league leaders in takeaways per game for the 2022 season. 

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