Predicting Winning Or Losing Seasons For Every .500 NFL Team

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Predicting Winning Or Losing Seasons For Every .500 NFL Team


Predicting Winning Or Losing Seasons For Every .500 NFL Team


There are 10 three win, three loss teams in the NFL after week six. Below I predict the records of each .500 team and give a brief description explaining why each team will either finish with a winning or losing record.

Atlanta Falcons: 

The Falcons have exceeded expectations so far in this young season. Atlanta’s defense is ranked 26th in total defense as they are giving up 385.2 yards per game. Marcus Mariota is playing well enough to win games, but their team will not be able to sustain this level of football. Drake London has played well during his rookie year as he’s exceeded 50 receiving yards in three games this season, but the lack of opportunities for Kyle Pitts is concerning. 

Atlanta will finish with a losing record.


Baltimore Ravens:

Many concerns have surrounded the Baltimore Ravens this season due to their lack of ability to finish games. The Ravens defense are the 27th passing defense and need to make improvements in that area. Even though there are holes in their scheme and roster, Baltimore has the most electrifying play in football. Lamar Jackson has the ability to effectively throw and run, which puts massive pressure on defenses.

Baltimore will finish with a winning record.


Cincinnati Bengals:

Throw out Joe Burrow’s worst performance of his NFL career that happened week one and he may be the favorite for MVP. Burrow has 10 touchdown passes to just one interception in weeks two through six. As Zac Taylor continues to grow as a play caller the offense will be fine. Defensively, the Bengals have a top-15 defensive that seems to have an upward trajectory. 

Cincinnati will finish with a winning record.


Green Bay Packers:

The Green Bay Packers will have the first losing season since 2018. Aaron Rodgers seems to be regressing and they don’t have an offensive identity to lean on for the rest of the season. The departure of Davante Adams was massive, so the front office of the Packers need to make a move quickly. 

Green Bay will finish with a losing record.


Los Angeles Rams:

The Sean McVay experience hasn’t gone well this year and Matt Stafford is back to his old ways. Stafford has six touchdowns and eight interceptions this season, which puts as the league leader in interceptions thrown. The Rams need to acquire offensive line and wide receiver help immediately, if not they will not make the playoffs.

Los Angeles will finish with a losing record.


Miami Dolphins:

Miami was red hot at the beginning of the season as they started 3-0 before losing their next three games. Tua is expected to play week seven, so everyone will be watching to see if he can pick up where he left off before his injury. Tyreek Hill is still the most dynamic wide receiver in football, but that’s not enough. The Dolphins are a year early and it will show in the AFC East. 

Miami will finish with a losing record.


New England Patriots:

There is too much uncertainty in New England to produce consistent winning. Bailey Zappe? Mac Jones? Those are the two questions that need to be answered before discussing wins and losses. The Patriots defense will continue to play winning football, but a team can’t win without scoring points. 

New England will finish with a losing record.


San Francisco 49ers:

The 49ers are too talented to not win games, but there has been a lot of talk regarding the quarterback position. Trey Lance is out after having a season-ending injury, so it’s Jimmy Garoppolo’s show. Garoppolo is coming off an injury, but he should get in a rhythm soon. The veteran signal caller knows Kyle Shanahan’s offense and has too much talent around him not to have the 49ers in the playoffs.

San Francisco will finish with a winning record.


Seattle Seahawks:

Geno Smith deserves to be a starting quarterback in the NFL as he’s been making incredible reads and throws. Seattle is very young and their talented players need time to develop. The Seahawks are ranked 29th in total defense and points allowed. There will be more losses than wins in the future for Seattle because of their defensive struggles. Also, Pete Carroll may be on the hot seat soon if they are in position to draft a new quarterback in April.

Seattle will finish with a losing record.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Just two seasons removed from a NFL Championship, the Buccaneers are sitting at .500. There have been offensive line struggles and Tom Brady hasn’t played great either. Tampa Bay fans do not need to worry because they have a top 10 defense, talented offense, and the most accomplished quarterback in NFL history. Brady will get everyone on the same page and the Buccaneers will be playing in the postseason this year.

Tampa Bay will finish with a winning record.


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