NFL Week Five Stat Leader Predictions

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

NFL Week Five Stat Leader Predictions


NFL Week Five Stat Leader Predictions

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Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Week four of the NFL has come and gone. Already being a quarter of the way through the season feels wrong but we continue nonetheless. Just like every week, myself and Nader Assaf predict which players might set themselves apart from the rest. Here are our potential stat category leaders for week five.

Passing Leader

Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals, Quarterback – Dash

Burrow torched the Ravens last year — you may remember Ja’Marr Chase’s slant turned touchdown. Those kinds of plays are just as likely to happen this time around too. The Ravens are dead last in passing yards allowed per game this year. With the trio of Chase, Higgins, and Boyd healthy and ready to work, Burrow should have a monster day. I could see 350 yards and four scores on Sunday.

Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders, Quarterback – Nader

Carson Wentz may not be the MVP candidate we all thought he would pan out to be, but depending on the week, we can surely still see him put on a show. So far, his first two weeks were much better than his third and fourth, with the competition level getting better in the second half. This week, he plays an extremely weak Titans team with a secondary that is far from good. Jahan Dotson and Scary Terry will surely be open, and if the opportunity for a deep ball is there, depend on Wentz to air it out. It should lead him to rack up 310 yards and three touchdowns. 


Rushing Leader

Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns, Running Back – Dash

Chubb has torn up the Chargers in the past and with Joey Bosa on injured reserve I don’t expect anything different. He’s coming off of back to back big weeks but this one will be even bigger. I expect two breakaway runs of 30+ yards on his way to around 150 yards and two scores.

Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders, Running Back – Nader

Josh Jacobs has been playing fantastic football as of late. The Chiefs run defense is struggling to start the year, and in a divisional matchup that’s always known to end up as high scoring affairs, I guarantee Jacobs gets some meaningful touches. On a side note, the Alabama product has also been getting major attention on the receiving side of being a running back, with 11 targets in his last two games. It may be a dark horse pick, but I’m excited to see what Jacobs does with a favorable matchup. I predict two touchdowns and 110 yards. 


Receiving Leader

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings, Wide Receiver – Dash

The Chicago Bears are not good. Justin Jefferson is good. See where I’m going here? JJ has the potential to make an absolute statement this week. The Bears will certainly try to take him out of the game following last week’s outstanding performance. Jefferson could easily surpass 160 yards and get two touchdowns in a blowout win for the Vikings.

Ja’Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals, Wide Receiver – Nader

Ja’Marr Chase has been in a bit of a slump as of late for his standards, and when I say I have hope he’ll break out this week, I’m almost certain. Ja’Marr was fantastic in his two games against the Ravens secondary as a rookie last year, averaging over 160 yards and 7.5 receptions. In a prime time matchup where a win over Baltimore would be huge for the Bengals, and have enormous implications for the division, Chase has to show up. I’m hopeful he will, and can see him finishing with 140 yards and two touchdowns. 


Sack Leader

Micah Parsons, Dallas Cowboys, Edge Rusher – Dash

Matthew Stafford has not been protected well by the Rams offensive line this season. After the revamping that occurred in the offseason, that team has not looked anywhere as good as they did last year. Parsons is a premier talent coming off the edge and he will dominate the game to the tune of two sacks.

Von Miller, Buffalo Bills, Edge Rusher – Nader

Von Miller has been a solid addition for the Bills this off-season, as he’s provided an entire extra layer of talent to a talented Bills pass rush. The Steelers don’t a very good offensive line in simple terms, and with multiple studs attacking a rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett this week, I expect a big day from the former Ram/Bronco. He’ll almost double his current sack total, adding an extra two on Sunday.


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