Geno Smith Should Remain the Starting Quarterback in Seattle

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Geno Smith Should Remain the Starting Quarterback in Seattle


Geno Smith Should Remain the Starting Quarterback in Seattle


There are times in sports where you have to toss the conventional wisdom of the offseason out the window and just watch with fresh eyes. In sports, the eyes don’t lie. For football fans, you can see bad footwork,  poor release on throws, too much hesitation with a running back getting north and south and not sideline to sideline. With a quarterback, it boils down to one thing and that is the ever-presence of confidence and how they fit into an offensive philosophy.

The Seattle Seahawks were a team picked to finish last in the NFC West, tread water with Geno Smith, and wait for the 2023 NFL Draft that promises a solid selection of rookie quarterbacks. It made sense, if for no other reason than thinking winning without Russell Wilson was an equation that didn’t add up. Further, the division as convention wisdom in the offseason told us, was that it would be a three horse race with defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles head and shoulders above everyone else. Now, the eye test tells a different story. 

The Seahawks are in the lead in the division. With a record of 4-3, are also 1-1 in the NFC West, while the Rams are 3-3 and also 1-1. With LA coming off of their bye week, they have a tough one on Sunday against rival San Francisco. For Seattle, they host a quickly rising New York Giants. 

The man at the controls on the field is quarterback Geno Smith. Long thought this past offseason as the placeholder for a rookie at some point in 2023, Smith has emerged beyond the “good feelz” to being the guy who has earned the starting nod and will be the number one quarterback on the depth chart heading into next season. 

Currently, Smith is on a one-year deal that he signed prior to the 2023 draft. The $3.5 million reflects how little wiggle room he had for 2022. But now it’s different. His negotiating power is significantly increased as losing Smith after this watershed season would be such a bad decision that it defies words. 

Thus far, the castoff has performed. He is ranked fourth in EPA per dropback, and sixth in touchdown percentage at 5.7%. When putting the ball in the air he ranks ninth with 8.48 yards per attempt and is ranked first in the NFL with his completion percentage. Smith has been tremendous when getting the ball down the field, avoiding bad decisions and putting the Seahawks in scoring position. 

In the post Russell Wilson days in Seattle, Geno Smith continues to amaze a league who had little faith in him. He also isn’t bitter about being the guy until they draft “the guy” to replace him. He is all business as the starting quarterback for the Seahawks, commanding the field, delivering wins, and providing leadership. He deserves to be the starting quarterback in Seattle, no matter how far fetched it seemed when the season began.

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