Fantasy Football Bold Predictions For Week Four

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy Football Bold Predictions For Week Four

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Bold Predictions For Week Four


Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports 

Each week we see players either achieve a level that we did not expect or fall far below their expectations. Now it is my job to try to predict these incredible and awful performances. Don’t expect the same performance in Week Four as you did in Week Three because these guys are going to be on all sides of the board.

Mark Andrews Finishes Outside The Top 20 Tight Ends

Mark Andrews has been on an absolute tear coming into Week Four as the top tight end on the board. He’s been so good that he has almost doubled the number three tight end’s fantasy football score. However, this week, he is facing his toughest matchup so far this year against the Buffalo Bills. The Bills allow just 6.2 fantasy points in Points Per Reception (PPR) leagues, and 29 yards to tight ends so far this season. These are both feats that he has not fallen below in over a year. 

Andrews is such an amazing tight end and athlete, but the Bills have been very stout defensively. Andrews’ level of play has been at an unsustainable rate and I think in a game against a tough defense like the Bills, they clamp him early and shut him down as a viable option for his quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Kareem Hunt Outscores Nick Chubb In Fantasy Football Points

Nick Chubb has been the story behind the Cleveland Browns this season, and he’s been one of the bright spots to come out of that team. Now this week the Browns face the Atlanta Falcons, which spells out a running back dream every single year. You might think straight to Nick Chubb being the guy who comes out on top this week, but I think Kareem Hunt outscores him in Week Four. 

Most people think that the Browns will smoke the Falcons, which would lead to a positive game script through most of the game for Nick Chubb, making him more involved. However, I think the Falcons will control the way the game is played out. This makes the positive game script people expect into a negative one. The running back that excels in negative game scripts for the Browns is Kareem Hunt. Look for Hunt to have a more expansive role in the passing game and find the end zone this week. 


Brandin Cooks Finishes As A Top 5 Wide Receive

Did you know Brandin Cooks currently has the same number of targets as Justin Jefferson and Tyreek Hill so far this season. Cooks has quietly and consistently been getting the looks to allow him to boom, but he hasn’t pushed past his floor yet. He hasn’t had more than 15 fantasy points, and two of his three scores were in the single digits, causing him to rank outside the top 50 wide receivers. 

This week is a turn of the page for him. He comes into a game against the Los Angeles Chargers, who allow the sixth most points to wide receivers, and the fourth most touchdowns to wide receivers through their first three games. I think that continues against the Houston Texans. This is the week we were finally waiting for Cooks to score this season and finish as a top five wide receiver. 


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