Top 10 Quarterbacks Going Into The 2022 Season

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Top 10 Quarterbacks Going Into The 2022 Season


Top 10 Quarterbacks Going Into The 2022 Season


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The 2022 NFL season is just around the corner, so with that being said, which 10 quarterbacks are the best going into the upcoming NFL season? 


10. Derek Carr

People might think I am crazy for putting Derek Carr on this list, but I truly believe Davante Adams makes Carr 10th on this ranking. Carr may not have the perfect stats, throwing for 4,804 yards, 23 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, a quarterback rating of 52.4, and a passer rating of 94.0, but to be fair he was pretty consistent through the 2021 season. The Las Vegas Raiders had a crazy season, with the Henry Ruggs III and Jon Gruden matters being major distractions, Carr did not falter. Instead, Carr was able to remain the leader the Raiders needed, and remain calm and poised in the pocket. Not only did he set a career-high in passing yards, but he was also a top 10 deep-threat passer in 2021. Carr also completed 50 percent of his deep pass attempts against the blitz, something that only six other quarterbacks achieved in 2021. Derek Carr may not be the fastest, have the strongest arm, or be the most talented, but what he does have is leadership and his ability to lead a team through hardships. 


9. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is now with the Denver Broncos, and right now it’s looking like he is going to be better off with the Broncos this year than he would have been with the Seattle Seahawks. The Broncos have a better offensive line than the Seahawks, and even though Wilson was throwing to DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, he will now be throwing to Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, and K.J. Hamler. Wilson left the Seahawks while they are at their lowest point, and it’s safe to say the Broncos are in rebuild mode, adding Wilson to a young offense makes him number nine on this list. While with the Seahawks in 2021, Wilson had 3,113 yards, 25 touchdowns, six interceptions, a 54.7 quarterback rating, and a 103.1 passer rating. With talents like Jeudy and Sutton, we can expect to see his touchdown stats go up, and his passing yards go up. Wilson is still a dangerous runner, and even as he ages he still has a cannon for an arm. Wilson is the leader the Broncos need right now. Having a former Super Bowl champion will help elevate this young Denver offense, and possibly be the short-term quarterback they need to appease the fans.


8. Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson was probably the hardest to rank on here, and as you can see I do not have Dak Prescott on here, instead I have Lamar Jackson. Even though the Baltimore Ravens lost Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, I see Rashod Bateman stepping up big time. The Ravens also still have Mark Andrews, who will be vital to Jackson’s passing core. Even though Lamar Jackson was injured part of the 2021 season, he was able to heal and by the looks of it, he definitely got into much better shape. Already without naming the stats, I can tell you we will see an improvement as long as injuries do not plague the Ravens like they did last season. Many wonder if Jackson will even be back in his MVP form, and he definitely could be. Even though all the contract negotiations have seemed like a distraction, I still believe Jackson will put his best out there to prove he is worthy of the contract he wants. There would be no reason that Lamar Jackson regresses, especially with the contract situation, and we could potentially see the same Jackson who won the MVP all those years ago. He is still very much a threat while on the run, and we can’t count out his passing abilities as well. Jackson’s ability to run around defenders and find an open target is something defenses have not been able to shut down, and Jackson is still not “figured out” by the league yet. If healthy, Baltimore can be a very dangerous team defensively, and it’ll take leadership by Lamar Jackson to get the offense moving in the right direction. 


7. Justin Herbert 

This ranking was probably the tricky one, as Justin Herbert is so incredibly talented, but he is not a top five quarterback contrary to popular belief. His canon of an arm is what attracts the most attention, and his playmaking abilities are amazing. If you need to argue how good Herbert is, go watch the week 18 game against the Las Vegas Raiders, because he is way too talented and hopefully the Los Angeles Chargers don’t waste that. In 2021, Herbert put up 5,014 yards, 38 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, a quarterback rating of 65.6, and a passer rating of 97.7. Herbert may not have the most elite receiving core, but he is still able to put up crazy stats and break records with them. One thing Herbert has is athletic talent, he is dangerous while on the run as well. Not only do I project Herbert to progress in 2022, but also lead the Chargers to the playoffs even though they are playing in an extremely competitive division. Herbert has the ability to be a great leader, and if he continues then he will be able to elevate the entire team like he does the offense. Justin Herbert is what some may call an “athletic freak” and he really overall is just talented, which is why he is the seventh best on this ranking. 

6. Matthew Stafford 

Matthew Stafford is number six on this list for a reason, and not because he just won the Super Bowl. Stafford was able to put up 4,886 passing yards, 41 touchdowns, 17 interceptions, a 63.8 quarterback rating, and a 102.9 passer rating. From being with the Detroit Lions to absolutely shining with the Los Angeles Rams, there is already progression shown from last season. Now for 2022, who knows what it will be, especially if Odell Beckham Jr. is not on the roster. It’s not a major deficit, but it would help Stafford and company to have Beckham back. However, as Super Bowl champions people will do whatever it takes to dethrone the champions, and Stafford will need to cut down on throwing interceptions in crucial moments. With Cooper Kupp, there is no doubt Stafford will be good again this year, but with other young receivers, he will have to start relying on the other guys as well. Matthew Stafford has talent and “grit” so there should be no problem with stats going down, especially since he is no longer on the Detroit Lions. 


5. Joe Burrow 

This one is probably a shock, especially since I ranked the guy who beat Joe Burrow in the Super Bowl at six, but not many quarterbacks come off an ACL and MCL tear and lead their team to a Super Bowl. Especially a team that had a combined total of six wins in the past two years. Burrow was able to put up 4,611 yards, 34 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, a 54.3 quarterback rating, and a passer rating of 108.3 (second best in the league). Burrow showed he is the real deal, and as a young quarterback, he will keep progressing. His ability to escape sacks, extend plays, and come through in big moments are reasons why the Cincinnati Bengals drafted him. Not only is he extremely talented, but his leadership is widely noted throughout the locker room. Burrow’s confidence elevates a locker room to be better and to play at a higher standard. A key detail is when things aren’t going the Bengals way, Burrow doesn’t shut down immediately, he fights to get the team back into the game. Perfect examples are the Jacksonville Jaguars game that was on Thursday Night Football, the San Francisco 49ers game, both games against the Kansas City Chiefs, and the AFC Divisional Round playoff game against the Tennessee Titans. 

His accuracy to throw the ball is second best behind Aaron Rodgers, and his release time is eighth best in the NFL. The biggest question going into the 2022 season was “Can the Bengals protect Joe Burrow?” After upgrading their offensive line in free agency, there is no doubt Burrow will be protected, and being able to put up the stats that he did in 2021 even with being sacked 51 times is not common. With Burrow having better protection this year, we can most likely see a higher production rate in stats. Along with fewer interceptions as well, since most of his interceptions he had were with pressure in his face and he was trying to make a play by forcing the ball. There really is no reason why Joe Burrow could have regression in 2022, which is why he is ranked at five on this list. 


4. Tom Brady

Let’s be real here, Tom Brady is going to be Tom Brady no matter how old he is. He will continue to be the last guy you want to leave the ball with at the end of a game. Whether or not people consider him a game manager, Brady is still lethal in the pocket and the red zone. In 2021, Brady put up 5,316 passing yards (most in the league), 43 touchdowns (most in the league), 12 interceptions, a 68.1quarterback rating, and a 102.1 passer rating. Tom Brady as the “G.O.A.T” of football is not going to decline, instead, he probably will rack up around the same amount of stats whether or not Rob Gronkowski is playing. It really doesn’t matter who Brady is throwing the ball to, as he is known to elevate a receiving core of not well-known players. One thing is for certain if this is truly Brady’s last year in the NFL, he will want to end his career by going out as a Super Bowl champion. He will do whatever it takes to get that eighth ring. Obviously, he is a leader, and people look up to Brady no matter what, so his competitiveness will help reflect on the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in competing for a Super Bowl. 


3. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers was probably the biggest decline on this list, from being number one to dropping to number three. The only real reason why is the loss of Davante Adams, and the Green Bay Packers’ front office inability to draft a wide receiver two years ago. Rodgers at the end of the day will still be Rodgers, the man with a cannon of an arm and the ability to pick apart defenses with simple-looking throws. However, from training camp reports, it seems he isn’t all that happy with his rookie receivers. Even though they have shown potential, from what it sounds like, there are potential drop issues as well. Last season Rodgers put up 4,115 yards, 37 touchdowns, four interceptions (best number in the league), a 50.7 quarterback rating, and a 111.9 passer rating, which was also the best in the league. Aaron Rodgers will continue to thrive in being such an accurate passer, as well as taking care of the football. Whether or not this year some interceptions will be due to his receivers we will see, but right now Rodgers is still the most efficient quarterback in the league. He does not force the ball when under pressure or in general, and his ability to read defenses will continue to pay off. Whether you like the guy or not, Aaron Rodgers will be a Hall of Famer, and this year we will see how high he can go without his number one target. 


2. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is second on this list for many different reasons, and it might be quite a shock that he is number two. Even though the Kansas City Chiefs lost Tyreek Hill, I don’t think that will be such a major hit on Mahomes as many people think. No matter who Patrick Mahomes is throwing the ball to, he finds a way to win games and dazzle the world with his playmaking. In 2021 Mahomes put up 4,839 yards, 37 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, a quarterback rating of 62.2, and a passer rating of 98.5. We forget Mahomes still has Travis Kelce to throw to, but also a very young wide receiver core who will be able to learn from Mahomes. His ability to laser the football in tight windows will be something to watch with different receivers, especially when Mahomes is scrambling. While on the run, he tries to keep the play going and it’ll depend on his receiving core getting open. Taking a quick note, the Chiefs’ schedule isn’t easy, but Mahomes generally tends to do much better in the second half of the season. Patrick Mahomes also tends to do much better in away games than home games, which will prove effective later in the season. This year the Chiefs are really going to be counting on Mahomes, including his leadership to guide this younger offense, and I think we’ll continue to see the same old Mahomes out there. No matter who he is throwing the ball to. 


1. Josh Allen

The quarterback with the biggest chip on his shoulder is Josh Allen. He has now lost two times in a row to the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs, and he will do whatever it takes to get past that roadblock and take the Buffalo Bills to the Super Bowl. There is no doubt about how much talent Allen has and that he can take this Buffalo team to a Super Bowl, which is why he is ranked as the best quarterback on the list. His arm strength is monstrous, and his legs will hurt defenses, but his ability to find open receivers and clutchness will prove worthy this year. In 2021, Josh Allen put up 4,407 yards, 36 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, a quarterback rating of 60.7, and a passer rating of 92.2. His stats are impressive, and he is not often sacked (mainly due to his legs), and his growth over the years has been spectacular to watch. His determination and leadership are what keep this Bills offense aligned, and his overall athletic talent is something many other quarterbacks do not have. 

Allen’s competitive nature is something that keeps the Bills in many close games, and his urge to win is shown on the field. Josh Allen is one of many reasons why the Buffalo Bills are my AFC Super Bowl favorites this year, and as a team captain, he will not disappoint. Allen is more of a second-half quarterback, who does extremely well in the fourth quarter, so if the ball is in his hands for the final drive of the game, you most likely can expect the Bills to win that game. 


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