Three Players To Buy And Sell In Fantasy Football For Week Four

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Three Players To Buy And Sell In Fantasy Football For Week Four

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Three Players To Buy And Sell In Fantasy Football For Week Four


Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Player to Buy:

Breece Hall

Breece Hall is finally on the come up after being buried by Michael Carter in the first couple of weeks. Week Three was a huge turnaround for him in terms of his snap percentage. In weeks one and two, Hall was on the field for 45% and 27% respectively. But here’s what really makes me want to trade for him in every single league I am in. His involvement in the passing game is where he will get his points from. Last week Hall caught six passes out of his 11 targets, which was a big jump from Week Two. 

While Hall’s involvement on offense has been on an upward trend, Michael Carter has seen the opposite effect. In Week One, Carter was on the field for 60% of snaps, which was approximately the same in Week Two at 61%. But now in Week Three we are starting to see the snaps even out more with Hall on the leading end. Even in the passing game, Carter’s become less involved each week. He totaled nine targets in Week One, five in Week Two, and two in Week Three, which was the opposite effect we saw with Hall. Breece Hall is going to explode soon, and it could start when Zach Wilson returns this week. Now is the week to buy him.


Elijah Moore

Another player who will benefit from Zach Wilson’s return this week is Elijah Moore. A lot of people thought that he would perform better with Joe Flacco under center than with Wilson after scoring four touchdowns in four games with Flacco starting. However, what most people fail to realize is that there is no correlation between the two. 

Let’s break it down. Last season, in weeks seven to 13, Moore caught fire and was a top three wide receiver in fantasy football. Four of those seven weeks were with Flacco and the other three were with Wilson. With Flacco, Moore averaged 7.8 targets per game. With Wilson, Moore averaged 8.7 targets per game. Moore is going to succeed with the better quarterback, and that is Zach Wilson. In Week Three we finally saw Garrett Wilson start to slow down and Moore start to skyrocket, evening out their prospective target shares at 20% totaling 10 targets each. I think Moore will improve each week, and you should buy him before he grabs his first touchdown of the year. 

Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon has been underwhelming to say the least through three weeks this season. Part of it stems from the Cincinnati Bengals’ early season struggles, but the two biggest parts of his struggles are his inefficiency on the ground and his lack of scoring. Mixon averages 2.7 yards per carry so far this season. He averaged 4.1 yards per carry last season, which really highlights his struggles. Mixon also found the end zone 16 times last season, and now in Week Four he looks to score for the first time this season. 

The bright spot for Mixon is that his workload hasn’t changed one bit. He still averages 72% of the offensive snaps per game and has totaled 20 targets in the passing game. These are workhorse numbers to keep him afloat, but he hasn’t unleashed his upside. I am staying hopeful that his efficiency will rise sooner rather than later. His involvement in the game is all I need to know to have faith in a turnaround season for him. Buy him on the low and reap the rewards this week.


Players to Sell:

DK Metcalf

DK finally found the end zone; so it’s time to sell him. Metcalf has been peppered with targets through three weeks, and yet, he hasn’t done anything with any of them. During the first two weeks, Metcalf was targeted 13 times, and he failed to reach 40 yards in either of those games. In Week Three, he finally broke the 40-yard mark after catching five passes off 12 targets for 64 yards and a score. He needed to be targeted 12 times just to get past 60 yards. 

Metcalf will never be used towards his strengths of being a big bodied outside deep threat with Geno Smith at quarterback. So get rid of any glimmer of hope you have for him. Metcalf will continue to have a solid floor with his 25% target share, but his upside is incredibly limited. I want zero part of this Seattle Seahawks offense with Smith under center, and Metcalf gave you a gift to sell him or forever hold your piece. 


Damien Harris

In Week Two, I told you to buy Rhamondre Stevenson. Well now Stevenson finally emerged as the top dog in the backfield with a 62% target share and having heavy involvement on the ground. The only reason you even have the opportunity to sell Harris is because he’s scored in back-to-back weeks. This is Stevenson’s backfield, who in Week Three totaled over 100 yards and was second on the team in target share at 15.6%. 

Although scoring in Week Two and Week Three, Harris hasn’t had a significant part of the offense since the first week. This New England Patriots’ offense isn’t efficient overall, especially with Mac Jones out. Now, Harris lands himself as a running back two in that offense. He’s not involved in the run game, and he shares the attempts in the run game. He has no floor or much of a ceiling, so I advise trading him off of his touchdowns in back-to-back weeks. You might be able to trade Harris for Elijah Moore.


DeVonta Smith

I like DeVonta Smith, but he rounds out my sell list for Week Four. When I say sell him, I mean sell him extremely high. I say this because I still think Smith can be a top 15 to 20 wide receiver, but in just the last two weeks, he currently lands as the seventh-best wide receiver. Last week he had a career week, catching eight of 12 passes for 169 yards and a touchdown. This is a threshold he will not hit again this season. 

I consider A.J. Brown as the clear number one weapon in this offense. With Jalen Hurts and Philadelphia, although they were able to support two wide receivers playing at a high level, I’m not certain how much longer they can do that. With Smith being the man out as the wide receiver two, I’d want to sell him for a guy that I know will have a consistently high target share each week with upside to be a top wide receiver each week. 

When I’m selling DeVonta Smith, I will be very picky with who I trade him for. Some guys I would be looking to target in a package or maybe even straight up are Ja’Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, Michael Pittman Jr., and Deebo Samuel. 


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