The Most Dominant Week One Teams From A Statistical Perspective

Via Pittsburgh Steelers Twitter (@Steelers)

The Most Dominant Week One Teams From A Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant Week One Teams From A Statistical Perspective


Via Pittsburgh Steelers Twitter (@Steelers)

We may only have one week in the books, and there are always overreactions following this weird week. It is still beneficial, however, to look at the statistics and where teams may have lacked or dominated in their first game. These are the leaders in the league in some of the most major statistical categories.

Rushing – New York Giants

Saquon Barkley looked incredible in his first game this season, and seems to be on track for a comeback story. The Giants team rushed for 7.4 cards per rush attempt, which is just incredible. Surprisingly enough, this stat is actually second in the league, as the New Orleans Saints had 7.9 yards per rush attempt. I still edged it out to the Giants to win this category, however, as New York was first in total rushing yards in week one, at 238. 

Passing – Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs offense looked next to unstoppable against the Cardinals.  Mahomes is still the best quarterback in the league, and looked the part on Sunday. The Chiefs led the league in passing touchdowns with five, along with being the leaders in passing yards in week one. They ranked second in passing yards per attempt at 9.2, just behind the Buffalo Bills. Despite losing Tyreek Hill, Kansas City looked great in the passing game. 

Rush Defense – Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills devastated the Los Angeles Rams in the opener, especially in the run game. Buffalo held the Rams to just 52 yards rushing in the game, and no rushing touchdowns. There was some more variance in rushing yards allowed per attempt, however, as the Bills ranked sixth in this category at 2.9 yards per attempt. The team ranked first is the Las Vegas Raiders at 2.5 rushing yards per attempt. Because of their dominance in the other categories, I did give the edge to Buffalo, but the Raiders are another team to watch. 

Pass Defense – Carolina Panthers

This statistic probably had the most variance to it in week one, but the crown will go to the Carolina Panthers. Carolina did allow one passing touchdown, but allowed the least passing yards per attempt in the NFL. They also ranked second just behind San Francisco in total passing yards allowed. The Panthers seemed to be the most consistent team among the top of the categories I saw, so despite some others being close, the pass defense by the Panthers still shined. 

Takeaways – Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers defense came away with five total turnovers against Cincinnati in week one. Four of those were interceptions, one of which a great play by Minka Fitzpatrick. It seemed the Steelers were close on a couple of other occasions on top of these five, like the fumble in overtime that Cincinnati was able to recover. This Pittsburgh defense was seen to be good, and was still somehow underrated. 


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