The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Two From A Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Two From A Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Two From A Statistical Perspective


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With a couple of weeks now in the books, things could shake up a bit when it comes to stat leaders on the season with a smaller sample size. Week two brought some incredible performances from different categories as well, and we will now be taking a look at not just the leaders in each category for the week, but also the season. 


Week 2 – Detroit Lions

This Season – Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions running back room and offensive line have looked incredible, despite some injuries. The Lions sit at third in rushing yards per game at 186, and ranked second in rushing yards in their game this week against the Commanders at 191. Detroit also has a staggering 7.2 yards per rush attempt on the season, as well as 8.0 yards per rush attempt in week two. These two statistics both rank first in the league. 


Week 2 – Miami Dolphins

This Season – Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins won was a crazy come-from-behind game, where the passing offense of the Dolphins was fully unleashed. This helped them have the most passing yards in week two at 461. On the season, Miami also ranks first with an average of 351.5. The Dolphins ranked towards the top of the league in week two in yards per pass attempt. Miami is tied for first on the season in passing touchdowns per game at 3.5, and first in the league with six in week two!

Rush Defense

Week 2 – San Francisco 49ers

This Season – San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers rush defense has been fantastic, especially in week two. San Francisco held the Seahawks to just 36 yards on the ground this week. That ended up being just 2.6 yards per attempt, which was only rivaled by New Orleans in this category. Not just that, but the 49ers have held their opponents this season to just 67.5 yards per game on average. This is 2.6 yards per attempt on the season as well, which is the best in the league. 

Pass Defense

Week 2 – Green Bay Packers

This Season – Carolina Panthers

The Green Bay Packers had a dominant day over the Bears in week two overall, but especially in pass defense. They allowed just 48 yards in the air in week two, the best in the league. This in turn ranked second in the league at 4.4 yards per pass attempt allowed, just behind the Denver Broncos. On the season, however, the Panthers still hold their spot with the best pass defense. Carolina has allowed just 4.4 yards per pass attempt on the season, which ranks first in the league. They are also third in the league in passing yards per game allowed, just behind the San Francisco 49ers and Buffalo Bills. Their yards per pass attempt helps them jump San Francisco and Buffalo, however, and keep the best pass defense on the season to this point. 


Week 2 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This Season – Los Angeles Rams & Buffalo Bills

The Rams, Bills, and Buccaneers have been getting takeaways left and right in these first few games. This week the Buccaneers led the league with five total takeaways, and the Rams and Bills just behind with three and four respectively. On the season, however, this is flipped a bit, as the Rams and Bills have 3.5 takeaways per game which ranks tied for first, and the Buccaneers have three which is tied for second. Interesting fact, every team in the league has a takeaway this season except for the Carolina Panthers. Not the case for these other NFC teams however, as the Rams, Bills, and Buccaneers are at the top of the NFL in takeaways.


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