The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Three From A Statistical Perspective

Nam Y. Huh / Associated Press

The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Three From A Statistical Perspective


The Most Dominant NFL Teams In Week Three From A Statistical Perspective


Nam Y. Huh / Associated Press

The further we get into the season, the more there is to base these off of, as we truly see who has the best statistics on the season. It is also always good to see how teams have been performing in each statistical category as of late as we look back on the past week three games in this scenario. 


Week Three – Chicago Bears

This Season – Detroit Lions

This past week we saw the Chicago Bears just dominate on the ground. Chicago had a whopping 7.0 yards per carry, which was also surprising to come in at second to the Ravens in rushing yards per carry. Where they really set themselves apart was their total rushing yards in that game at 281. This was far more than any other team and in turn ranked first. On the season, however, we still see the Detroit Lions keep their crown as the rushing leaders on the season. They rank fourth in rushing yards per game at 170.3. They really set themselves apart, though, in how many yards they get per rushing attempt this season at 5.9, which ranks as the best in the league. The offensive line and solid running backs continue to dominate for Detroit. 


Week Three – New England Patriots

This Season – Philadelphia Eagles

The efficiency of the passing offense for the New England Patriots looked great in week three. Although they finished fifth in passing yards in their week three game, they had one of the best averages when it came to passing yards per attempt. This ranked second in the league, just behind Atlanta, at ten yards a pop. This was the most consistent passing game in the league in week three. On the season, however, we have seen Jalen Hurts and the Eagles dominate by air. They rank third in total passing yards per game behind the Bills and Chargers, but first in the league in yards per pass attempt. This sits at 9.3 yards per attempt, which is very efficient and a good showing from the young wide receivers and quarterback. 

Rush Defense

Week Three – Jacksonville Jaguars

This Season – Buffalo Bills

The Jacksonville Jaguars were able to hold the Chargers to just 26 rushing yards in week three. The only team that came close to rivaling this was the Green Bay Packers, but the Jaguars still dominated the category to hold first. This in turn granted them the first place spot in opponent rushing yards per attempt when holding the Chargers to just 2.2 this week. The Jaguars have not quite dominated this entire season in this category the way the Buffalo Bills have. The Bills have held their opponents to just 2.8 yards per rush attempt so far this season, which is good for second in the league behind the Colts. Buffalo also sits at second in the league in rushing yards allowed per game just behind Jacksonville, at 57.7. The Jaguars and Colts rivaled the Bills in this category, but the consistency in both statistics I looked at brought the Bills to the top.

Pass Defense

Week Three – Philadelphia Eagles

This Season – San Francisco 49ers

Seeing the Philadelphia Eagles on this list to start the season has been interesting, but this time it is their defense that has them atop the pass defense category for week three. In week three, Philadelphia was fourth in passing yards allowed in their game at 153. The Eagles have held their opponents to a league best in opponents passing yards per attempt, though, not only this week with 3.6, but also this entire season at 4.4 overall. San Francisco has been competitive in this category on the season as well, with a solid 5.5 yards allowed per pass attempt. What really crowns the 49ers with the best pass defense in the league, though, is their first place spot in passing yards per game allowed with 148.3 to start this season.


Week Three – Baltimore Ravens & Cincinnati Bengals

This Season – Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, & Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is a very close statistic between several teams overall. In week three, however, we saw two teams lead the category with four takeaways, in the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens. The Bengals had a solid week here but still sit with a negative turnover margin, and the Ravens have the best turnover margin in the league. This is partially because of them being tied for first in takeaways per game on the season, with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The three teams sit at 2.7 takeaways per game, which is a great path to ensure wins if they keep it up.


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