Scott Frost And Herm Edwards Are Out: Who Is Next?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Scott Frost And Herm Edwards Are Out: Who Is Next?


Scott Frost And Herm Edwards Are Out: Who Is Next?


Andy Lyons/Getty Images 

Nebraska and Arizona State have made the decisions to move on from Scott Frost and Herm Edwards, respectively. This makes two weeks in a row that a Power Five coach was let go. There are likely to be more coaches fired in the coming weeks. The question is: who is next on the chopping block?

Bryan Harsin, Auburn 

The Harsin era at Auburn has been an unmitigated disaster. Numerous boosters at Auburn didn’t want him in the first place. That was made very clear in the winter when they tried to get him removed. There have been several off the field issues regarding Harsin, boosters, and the higher ups at Auburn that I am not going to get into here.


From strictly an on the field perspective, Auburn has underperformed. Two weeks ago, they narrowly beat San Jose State. It wouldn’t get any better when they got embarrassed on their home field against Penn State in a 41-12 drubbing. The offense has been a disaster, with an abundance of turnovers and mediocre quarterback play. On the defensive side of the ball, they don’t have a single takeaway through three games. 

On the recruiting front, things have been abysmal and well below Auburn’s standards. The 2023 class currently stands at 55th in the country according to 247’s recruiting database. That is good enough for dead last in the SEC behind Vanderbilt and Missouri. 

I expect Auburn to win this weekend vs. Missouri. Should they lose, we could very well see the trigger pulled and see Harsin let go by Sunday. Auburn’s schedule is only going to get tougher, and it is very possible that they don’t win another game all season. Harsin’s days on the plains are numbered.  


Geoff Collins, Georgia Tech

If Bryan Harsin’s time at Auburn has been rough, what would we call the Collins era in Atlanta? Geoff Collins has coached in 37 games at Georgia Tech. Only 10 of those have resulted in wins. Needless to say, the Georgia Tech football program is in a tough place right now. 

They have been outscored 83-10 against FBS opponents this season. This includes a 42-0 beat down at the hands of Lane Kiffin and the Rebels of Ole Miss, and a 41-10 clobbering by the Clemson Tigers. They look absolutely lifeless out there on the field, and there is a significant talent gap whenever they play a quality team. 

It is difficult to recruit to Georgia Tech. Like Stanford and Vanderbilt, the academic standards make it incredibly hard to get quality recruiting classes. Collins, however, hasn’t done much with the little talent he has been able to bring in. Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia. Georgia is one of the five best states in the country in terms of high school talent. Even with the academic standards, there should be more talent being brought into the program on a yearly basis. Collins has failed in that department. 

It feels like Collins is, metaphorically speaking, a dead man walking. The Yellow Jackets take on UCF on Saturday. I have a feeling he is relieved of his duties on Sunday. 


Scott Satterfield, Louisville

Satterfield has a losing record a quarter into his fourth season at Louisville. He is 19-21 in his 40 games coached. Following another close loss to Florida State, who didn’t even have their starting quarterback for a chunk of the game, Satterfield seems to be on thin ice. 

The results aren’t good enough. Fans have grown tired of it. The only people who seemingly want Satterfield to remain at Louisville, is Satterfield himself and Kentucky fans. However, we aren’t entirely sure if Satterfield wants to remain at Louisville.

In 2020, he interviewed for the South Carolina opening. He also said he’d listen to North Carolina and N.C. State if asked. This act violated the trust of the Athletic Director, but more importantly, the fan base. In his statement following the incident, he claimed he will “do what it takes to earn back the trust”. Losing football games is not the best way to do that. 

Unless Louisville can salvage this season, I don’t see Scott Satterfield lasting beyond this season. 

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