Relax, Mets Fans: This Is NOT A New York Mets Collapse

Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Relax, Mets Fans: This Is NOT A New York Mets Collapse


Relax, Mets Fans: This Is NOT A New York Mets Collapse


Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Dear New York Mets fans,

This isn’t 2007. Please relax.

Mets fans tend to have a great memory. Fans of the blue and orange remember their seven-game lead with only 17 games to play in 2007 that they blew. They also remember their 3.5-game lead in September the following year that they also lost.

What is happening to the Mets in 2022 is nowhere close to what occurred in those years.

The Mets are on pace to finish one of their most successful seasons ever. If there is anything that is impressive about this ballclub, it’s that they’ve been consistent. Entering September 9, the Mets are 87-51, an impressive 36 games over .500.

While the Mets did possess a 10.5 game advantage in the National League East at one point, it has diminished to just a half-game lead. That is three days after the Atlanta Braves tied the Mets atop of the division for the first time in 147 days.

Over the last two months, the Atlanta Braves have had immense success throughout a very easy schedule. But, with 25 and 24 games remaining respectively, the schedule luck should change. 

The Mets have the easiest schedule remaining in baseball. Two series against the Miami Marlins and one series against the Chicago Cubs (N.L.), Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, and Washington Nationals should give the Mets a jolt ahead of the postseason. 

While Atlanta does have a more difficult schedule on the horizon, the two teams will meet during the last weekend of the season in Atlanta. There is a possibility it determines who will win the division. 

Regardless, the Mets will be in the postseason. This isn’t a horrific collapse like they’ve experienced before. This is two very good teams battling it out. 

The Mets have been consistent all year long. Their longest losing streak of the year is only three games. They continue to show that they are legitimate contenders in the National League.

The lone problem is: the Braves continue to prove the same. 

In the end, the Mets are NOT collapsing. The Braves are playing incredibly well. It should be a dogfight at the end of the season between these two teams.


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