QB Rankings - Week Two

QB Rankings - Week Two


QB Rankings - Week Two


Another week is in the books. Trey Lance has a season ending injury so we’ll start ranking Jimmy Garropolo this week. Zach Wilson and Dak Prescott will once again not be ranked. 

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Here’s how these quarterbacks rank after two games, with their previous ranks in parenthesis. 

Biggest Movers: Tua Tagovailoa +5, Jalen Hurts +8, Jared Goff +7, Derek Carr -5

1. Patrick Mahomes (Last Week: 1) 

Week two stats: 235 yards, 68.5% completion percentage, two touchdowns, zero interceptions

Mahomes should have been picked at least five times during the Chargers game, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. He stays atop the list.  

2. Josh Allen (Last Week: 2)

Week two stats: 317 yards, 68.4% completion percentage, four touchdowns, zero interceptions

Allen absolutely decimated the Titans defense. He continues to look like a top MVP candidate and the Bills continue to look like the Super Bowl favorites.

3. Justin Herbert (Last Week: 3)

Week Two stats: 334 yards, 68.8% completion percentage, three touchdowns, one interception

Herbert is a straight dawg… Broken rib cartilage and he was still throwing dimes down the field. He’s a true lead by example quarterback and will remain high on the list for quit some time. 

4. Lamar Jackson (Last Week: 6)

Week Two stats: 318 yards, 72.4% completion percentage, three touchdowns, zero interceptions

Jackson looked like an absolute unit against the Dolphins. Along with his passing stats, he posted 119 yards and one touchdown on the ground. MVP caliber play through two weeks.

5. Aaron Rodgers (Last Week: 5)

Week Two stats: 234 yards, 76% completion percentage, two touchdowns, zero interceptions

Rodgers once again misses Davante Adams, but they got the job done. The Packers defense and running game will be the key to winning games, but Rodgers still does whats needed. 

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