NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week One

NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week One


NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week One



Week one is in the books and it’s time for our weekly quarterback rankings. We will rank 30 quarterbacks with Dak Prescott and Zach Wilson sitting out these next few weeks due to their injuries. 

Here’s how these quarterbacks rank after one game, with their previous ranks in parenthesis. 

Biggest Movers:

Geno Smith (32 to 19), Tua Tagovailoa (18 to 12), Mac Jones (21 to 15)


1. Patrick Mahomes (Last Week: 2) 

Week one stats: 360 yards, 76.9% completion percentage, five touchdowns, zero interceptions

Five touchdowns speaks for itself. Mahomes had an absolute dominant performance against the Cardinals. Teams should really learn to stop blitzing Mahomes. 


2. Josh Allen (Last Week: 3)

Week one stats: 297 yards, 83.9% completion percentage, three touchdowns, two interceptions

Allen had two interceptions, but one of them clearly wasn’t his fault. He had a stellar performance against what was supposed to be a top defense in Los Angeles.


3. Justin Herbert (Last Week: 6)

Week one stats: 279 yards, 76.5% completion percentage, three touchdowns, zero interceptions

Herbert made throws that didn’t seem possible. He has incredible timing and precision and carved up Las Vegas’s defense. 


4. Tom Brady (Last Week: 4)

Week one stats: 212 yards, 66.7% completion percentage, one touchdown, one interception

Brady had an okay performance without one of his top weapons and a disappointing offensive line. 45-years-old, but Brady still seems to have defeated Father Time. 


5. Aaron Rodgers (Last Week: 1)

Week one stats: 195 yards, 64.7% completion percentage, zero touchdowns, one interception

Can’t fault Rodgers for the situation he was dealt. His young receivers had drops all around and Rodgers was under duress the entire game. He’ll bounce back soon. 


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