Why The AFC West Is The Best Division In The NFL

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Why The AFC West Is The Best Division In The NFL


Why The AFC West Is The Best Division In The NFL


When you look around the NFL, you can’t help but notice the AFC West. The Las Vegas Raiders, Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Chargers, and the Kansas City Chiefs are four teams who can get to Super Bowl LIII in Glendale, AZ.

Is it a mortal lock? Nope, nothing in this league is. But for those who put money on such things, it’s a solid bet that could have a nice return on your investment.

From top to bottom, the four teams with the best chance of a Lombardi Trophy are the Chargers, followed by Kansas City, the Raiders, and Denver. The Broncos, who so many in the national sports media love to talk about as a legitimate contender, really have no idea what is realistic with newly acquired quarterback Russell Wilson.

Los Angeles looks ready to take the next step. Justin Herbert, who many saw as an equal to Joe Burrow in the 2020 NFL Draft, has an opportunity to get the Chargers back to the Super Bowl.  

With a loaded roster, the Bolts are without a doubt looking to take the AFC West while making an aggressive push for the Super Bowl.

The last time the organization was there was in 1994. Stan Humphries was the starting quarterback, as San Diego would lose to the San Francisco 49ers 49-26.

The Kansas City Chiefs are a team that is still a major player in both the AFC West, and the National Football League. If they are guilty of anything, it’s the discovery that getting to the top is one thing, and staying there is something else entirely.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the trigger man for the Chiefs offense. His creativity on the field is masterful, and his ability to bring magic to the field is like no other. With athleticism off the charts, Kansas City remains formidable.

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Andy Reid and Mahomes have seen teams in the division collect loads of film on the offense. It makes sense, as both coach and quarterback are of one-mind. However, for the Kansas City Chiefs to stay at the top of the AFC West, Reid will need to figure out a way to stay one step ahead of everyone else.

There is something brewing in the Las Vegas desert. Fans of the Silver and Black are well aware of what could be a magical run of postseason play and a Super Bowl or two. 

Long gone are the days of underachieving and looking up at everyone else in the division. Derek Carr, the Raiders starting quarterback, will see new life as head coach Josh McDaniels looks to set things right. 

The AFC West will be a brutal division to fight through. Las Vegas is likely the third best team, behind the Chargers and the Chiefs. To get to the top won’t be easy, but the daylight is quickly closing, and it is a smart bet that one of these three teams can get to Glendale.

The Las Vegas Raiders are a work in progress, but progress will come quickly in 2022 and beyond. 

Russell Wilson has had the benefit of some very positive press since joining the Denver Broncos. So many in the national sports media believe that Wilson can immediately power the Broncos to the postseason and beyond.

Maybe, but odds are better he doesn’t. That isn’t to say he won’t in the near future, but time is no longer on the side of the long the Seattle Seahawks veteran. In a conference of some young guns with a lot of firepower, Wilson is looking up at a tall mountain to climb.

Denver hasn’t seen much success since the 2015 NFL season. That year, an aging and beat up Peyton Manning willed the Broncos to a 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers. Since then, the postseason has been elusive.

Beginning in 2016, the Denver Broncos have been on the opposite side of a winning record in the AFC West.

  • 3rd place, 9-7
  • 4th place, 5-11
  • 3rd place, 6-10
  • 2nd place, 7-9
  • 4th place, 5-11
  • 4th place, 7-10

One thing the Broncos did was hire an offensive coordinator to be their 18th head coach. Nathaniel Hackett ran the offense for the Green Bay Packers for the last three seasons. In a league as offensively centric as the NFL, to have a former OC is a trend that makes a lot of sense.

Denver will spend 2022 looking up at the division, but that shouldn’t disappoint the legion of Broncos fans who are desperate for a winner.

Are they close? Not this season, but the future can be a different story.


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