Slamball Is Back


Slamball Is Back


Slamball Is Back



Everyone’s favorite sport is making a return; the founder, Mason Gordon, announced the return of SlamBall in 2023. In case you didn’t know, Slamball is a mix of football, basketball, and to a certain degree WWE that is played on a trampoline. Here is a clip to refresh your memory:

Slamball returning does not only apply to athletes, it opens up the opportunity for many personalities to conquer the sport as well. I am going to pinpoint some potential fan favorites that would generate a ton of excitement from viewers. 

Nate Robinson (Former NBA player) – Robinson is one of the best athletes in NBA history and was crowned champion of the NBA dunk contest three times in his career. If he was able to pull off these jaw dropping dunks on a court, imagine what he could do on a trampoline. 

Adam Sandler (Actor) – Sandler has a love for the game of basketball and we have seen clips of him all around the world. His addition to Slamball would not only provide a fun, great personality but also someone who has a passion for the game.

Chad Ochocinco (Former NFL player) – Ochocinco has many different attributes that would make Slamball insanely fun to watch with him a part of it. Not only was he an insane athlete on the field, but we also see him challenging young players today on twitter and this would be a perfect opportunity for him to showcase that competitive side. 

The Paul Brother’s (Internet personalities) – The Paul family never passes up the opportunity to put their name in the headlines. The brothers are in peak shape as they have been training intensely to become professional boxers. Their big personalities and athleticism will not only be good for the sport, but they will also bring in a unique and large audience. 

Rob Gronkowski (Former NFL player) – Gronk may be the most obvious pick yet. He is known for having a good time and he is not shy about putting his body on the line. He would not only dominate on the court but would have the most fun while doing it. 

These are only some of the best that come to mind when considering who we want to see on the court, but who are some other possible future Slamball legends?


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