Top Five NFL Quarterbacks To Watch In 2022

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Top Five NFL Quarterbacks To Watch In 2022


Top Five NFL Quarterbacks To Watch In 2022


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With the 2022 NFL season just around the corner, it’s time to focus on specific positions and players. Last week I wrote an article on five NFL teams to watch, so this week is the five quarterbacks to watch. 


Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts is one of three quarterbacks on this list to have been drafted in 2020. However, many believe Hurts is not “it” for the Philadelphia Eagles. With DeVonta Smith and new teammate A.J. Brown, I believe we will see a different Jalen Hurts this year. Hurts has shown promise, but are fans willing to be patient with him? As long as he can show that adding another weapon will help him trend upwards and not remain static, then I truly think Hurts is the franchise quarterback for the Eagles.


Joe Burrow

With a new offensive line, Joe Burrow will have all eyes on him. Having been sacked a total of 70 times in the 2021 season, the Cincinnati Bengals went ahead and upgraded their weakest group. We have yet to see Burrow with a good offensive line, and last season we saw what Burrow can be when healthy. With the offense Cincinnati has, there is no reason why we would see regression. Instead, fans can expect to see a clean season with better stats from Burrow. Another reason why the offensive line being upgraded is huge is that the Bengals didn’t utilize Burrow’s running ability. This is probably due to his rookie season injury, but I think now they will have more wiggle room to trust Burrow on the run as well. 


Tua Tagovailoa 

All eyes will be on Tua Tagovailoa this season as the Miami Dolphins acquired Tyreek Hill to complement Jaylen Waddle. I think Tagovailoa has the most pressure on him this season, as Hill already said he thinks Tagovailoa is more accurate than his former quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The season has yet to start and to judge somebody based on practice is too early. Another reason why Tagovailoa has the most pressure is that this is the season where I think the front office has to decide if he is the franchise quarterback or not. Tagovailoa hasn’t shown a lot of excitement, but he has potential, and hopefully, he can remain healthy enough to prove the doubters wrong. 


Russell Wilson

From the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson will be a quarterback to watch this season. I don’t think anybody expected this trade to happen, but here we are. With a new team and new coach, people are expecting Wilson to be the savior. Since Peyton Manning, the Broncos have had 10 quarterbacks, and we have yet to see a superstar. Wilson will be working with new receivers and a better offensive line in Denver, but will the veteran quarterback prove he still has it? Or will we start to see that the former Super Bowl champion is regressing as he gets older? 


Baker Mayfield 

After being treated poorly, Baker Mayfield was able to move on from the Cleveland Browns. Mayfield will be competing against Sam Darnold, and I have no doubt Mayfield wins the starting job. After leading the Browns to the playoffs, injuries and what seemed to be a lot of judgment in the locker room practically derailed Mayfield. We have seen above-average quarterbacks go to a different team and do much better, but also quite the opposite. Was it the team and system that just didn’t work for Mayfield, or was the problem really Baker Mayfield? I think we’ll get a clear answer once we see Mayfield start for the Carolina Panthers offense. Especially since it’s built differently and has guys like Robby Anderson, D.J. Moore, and Christian McCaffrey.


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