Ranking The 10 Greatest NBA Throwback Jerseys

Via interbasket.net

Ranking The 10 Greatest NBA Throwback Jerseys


Ranking The 10 Greatest NBA Throwback Jerseys


Via interbasket.net

In the past four NBA seasons, several teams have had a blast to the past, releasing and donning jersey kits that resemble what was worn by the franchise several seasons ago. Some teams, such as the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, and Boston Celtics, had specially made classic jerseys, with an alternate nike logo that represented some of their earliest designs in honor of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary seasons. 

Other teams, such as the Toronto Raptors, Utah Jazz, and Houston Rockets brought back fan favorite designs from the 90s era in order to pay homage to their past success. Most recently, the San Antonio Spurs and the Detroit Pistons announced that they would be wearing throwback jerseys for the upcoming 2021-22 NBA Season. 

The Spurs are bringing back their jerseys from the 1970s which is a completely black jersey with “San Antonio” written in an arch on top of the number in black font with white borders surrounding the numbers and lettering. These jerseys will be worn in honor of the franchise’s 50th anniversary and tribute to the early Spurs teams that featured George Gervin. 

The Pistons on the other hand are starting their #ReturnOfTheTeal era as they’re bringing back their teal colored jerseys with the famous horse and Pistons text written on it from the late 1990s and early 2000s. These jerseys have been widely requested by Detroit Pistons fans for several years. Even franchise cornerstone Cade Cunningham weighed in when asked by Nicholas Henkel if he was a supporter of the jerseys, saying, “It’s Cade Cunningham from the Detroit Pistons, and I’m pro teal.”

With the influx of throwback jerseys entering the NBA once again, it’s a good time to rank which NBA classic designs are the best ever.

  1. Houston Rockets: 1995 – 2003

The Houston Rockets jerseys from the late 1990s is a very unique design that earns a spot within the top 10. This jersey has a more creative element to it compared to Rockets jerseys of the past, with a personified Rocket around the basketball that pays homage to the NASA Space Program located in Houston. It combines the unique cartoon with spaced out pinstripes and a navy shade that has rarely been featured in other Rockets jerseys.

  1. Utah Jazz: 1996-2004

The Utah Jazz jersey that defines the Stockton and Malone era is the best and undoubtedly the most creative design in franchise history. This jersey reflects the terrain of the state of Utah, which is located in the Rocky Mountains and has a beautiful color scheme of blue and white that reflects the snow on the mountains. It’s no wonder that the most successful era of Jazz basketball and the most unique jerseys they’ve ever had came during the same time.

  1. Phoenix Suns: 1992 – 2000

This Suns jersey comes in at number eight as it captures a vibrant sun with multiple rays stretching across the jersey diagonally. In the first season these jerseys debuted, the Suns won the Western Conference and lost to the Bulls in the NBA Finals on the shoulders of that season’s MVP, Charles Barkley.

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves: 1996-2008

A blend of simplicity and style, this Timberwolves throwback fits in perfectly at the heart of this list. With the bold font and the trees on the jersey’s collar, this jersey represents the habitat of the timberwolf and is most remembered for being the jersey of the Kevin Garnett era in which the Wolves franchise saw their greatest playoff success.


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