What is LIV Golf?

What is LIV Golf?


What is LIV Golf?


Alastair Grant/Associated Press

There is a new start-up league in the world of golf and it’s called LIV Golf. What is LIV Golf though? On its website, it states “Our mission is to modernize and supercharge the game of professional golf through expanded opportunities for both players and fans alike.”

What that means is that LIV Golf is trying to modernize the game of golf today. They have implemented some new rules to help spice up the old sport. For starters, they are bringing teams to the sport of Golf. Each team has four players and now you can win not only individually, but also as a team. However, LIV Golf isn’t just trying to be any other league… they are trying to compete with the PGA Tour, the current leader in global golf. They have had some big names join like Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, and Brooks Koepka. LIV Golf’s primary allure though, is their massive prize money. Currently, they have paid out over 400 million dollars to some of their top golfers and that’s just individual earnings, not including possible prize money for team success.

With big-name golfers, money, and a fresh take on the sport, what is holding LIV golf back from becoming the new face of golf? Well, it has to do with its ownership. It is funded and owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), an investment fund of Saudi Arabia. With many civil rights problems coming from Saudi Arabia, people are questioning some of the morals of these golfers who have decided to join LIV. Many of these golfers claim to be fighting to change the sport after the PGA tour has had such a large monopoly over the sport for an eternity. Why would a PGA tour golfer not want to join LIV golf? Well the PGA tour has made it clear that anyone who joins will be locked out of any further PGA tour events.

Do many more golfers decide to collect a big check and join LIV golf or do they stay away because of moral issues? We will have to wait and see, but we do know this is a monumental point in the history of the sport and could be a new age of what is otherwise a stagnant sport.

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