Top Five Second Baseman In The MLB


Top Five Second Baseman In The MLB


Top Five Second Baseman In The MLB

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The second base position in baseball is considered one of the more important positions on the field. It is called the “up the middle” position and the players job reflects that. They are required to be able to defend balls that are hit in different directions, while also trying to prevent runners from advancing. A second baseman is also normally the player who starts the double play and how quickly they get over to the bag and throw the ball can determine if they get both outs. Within the game today, there are many different types of second baseman. Some are power hitters, and some just do the dirty work that is required. Continuing the weekly series, lead TWSN baseball analysts Matt Levine and Logan Fulmer rank the top five second baseman in the game today:

  1. Jazz Chisholm, Miami Marlins

– Jazz Chisolm is simply one of the most entertaining players in the game and his electric personality has been noticeable on the field. He is currently doing it all for the Marlins as he is hitting .246 with 13 homers and 10 stolen bases. Another well rounded young star that has shown his worth early in his career.

  1. Jonathan India, Cincinnati Reds

– The reigning Rookie of the Year has been battling injuries to start his sophomore season, but the production remains steady. Hitting at the top of the Reds lineup, India is hitting .288 and providing a constant presence on base. Until he shows any signs of slowing down, his spot on this list is well deserved especially with all the injuries to other second basemen.

  1. Marcus Semien, Texas Rangers

– It’s not a secret Semien was terrible to start the year, but things are slowly starting to click again. He has raised his average to .221 and has hit six homers after not having one for nearly 2 months. He is just a year removed from hitting 45 homers so you can’t count him out just yet.

  1. Ketel Marte, Arizona Diamondbacks

– Marte has been one of the most underrated players in the game over the last few years and that continues this year. His switch-hitting ability adds increased value to a guy who already possesses a lot of elite tools. Marte is currently hitting .270 while leading the Diamondbacks to a surprising start.

  1. Jose Altuve, Houston Astros

– Altuve is simply the definition of consistent. He is currently hitting .274 and that’s just an average year for him when you look at his career mark of .306. Altuve continues to be a major part of the Astros success and has more than earned this top slot on the list.

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