Top 10 College Football Coaches Entering the 2022 Season

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Top 10 College Football Coaches Entering the 2022 Season


Top 10 College Football Coaches Entering the 2022 Season


AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Within this new landscape of college football, one thing is still certain and that is strong coaching still thrives. Programs are always looking to find the next great coach and that is a testament to the jobs done. College jobs are different than at the professional level because you aren’t just hiring someone to coach a sport. They need to be strong recruiters and personable. Many top schools have boosters around as well that help determine the fate of coaches. With that all being said, here are the top 10 coaches in college football for the 2022 season:

  1. Luke Fickell, Cincinnati

-Fickell led the Bearcats to what was thought to be impossible, a group of five team reaching the College Football Playoff. His leadership had helped Cincinnati became a staple around the sport and he rounds out this list because of the success that he has had.

  1. Jim Harbaugh, Michigan

-Harbaugh and the Wolverines finally broke through to the College Football Playoff this past season, but he has also underachieved during his time in Ann Arbor. He is still one of the top 10 coaches around the sport but lands in the second half of this list.

  1. Kyle Whittingham, Utah

-It’s not easy to build a winning program in Utah but Whittingham has done just that. It’s a very solid program and the team’s recent success only speaks to the job that he has accomplished.

  1. Lincoln Riley, USC

-Riley may be a little lower than expected but that is due to his inability to win on the biggest stage. He had Oklahoma in the College Football Player many times but could never get over the hump. Now at USC, he has the best chance for success and really needs to show his skill with the Trojans.

  1. Brian Kelly, LSU

-Saw what you will about Kelly and how he left Notre Dame, but he is a damn good coach. He got the most out of the Fighting Irish including a few appearances in the championship game. He needs to prove himself with the Tigers but for now, lands at number six.

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