NFL Bold Prediction Reactions


NFL Bold Prediction Reactions


NFL Bold Prediction Reactions

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With the NFL season coming up, we wanted YOU, the audience to have a voice in some bold predictions! We then decided to have some of our guys react to those bold predictions! Daryan Martin and Andrew Little broke down their reactions below, here are the responses:

Daryan: Seattle will not finish with a better record than the 49ers in the 2022 NFL season. Seattle lacks “star power” and has questions at the most important position on the field in quarterback.

Andrew: This one is entirely contingent on who ends up under center for the Hawks. Picking up Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garappolo would make seven wins a real possibility. An upgrade at quarterback could potentially push them past the Niners, but the odds are slim. Assuming their quarterback situation stays the same and San Francisco’s roster does not implode with injuries, it is almost a foregone conclusion Seattle finishes dead last in the division.

Daryan: The AFC West is loaded with talent from every team, but only one has been a consistent winner throughout the years. The Kansas City Chiefs still have arguably the best quarterback in football with Patrick Mahomes. As long as Mahomes is the quarterback in Kansas City the AFC West goes through him and look for the Chiefs to win the division again.

Expect Derek Carr to have the statistics as other MVP candidates, but Las Vegas will not have enough wins to make Carr a true contender. The AFC is loaded with playoff caliber teams and he may be playing in the best division in football in the AFC West.

Andrew: There is always a chance this division just beats up on one another and Vegas gets lucky. However, it is unlikely that the Raiders can be consistent enough in the AFC West gauntlet to win 12 games which they will likely need to to take the division. Beating out the Chiefs, Chargers, and Broncos will require Derek Carr to match or outplay three elite quarterbacks in Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Justin Herbert, something I am not sure he is capable of doing.

The Raiders will need Carr to play like an MVP if they want to win the division, maybe even if they want to make the playoffs. He has done it before and this will be his best cast of playmakers to date, but offensive line struggles and a lack of team success will likely hold him back. He will need to have a career year to push this Vegas team over the hump to become a legitimate contender and be taken seriously as an MVP candidate.

Daryan: Both the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams have gotten better this off-season. I would not be surprised if both teams make it back to the Super Bowl, with the Bengals coming out on top. If Joe Burrow had one more second, the Bengals would have had a championship parade in Cincinnati for the first time since 1990 when the Cincinnati Reds won the World Series.

Andrew: Both teams are improved but it seems half the league got better as well. The Rams have a bit easier of a path with the Buccaneers and Packers being the only heavyweight contenders in the NFC. The Bengals will need to make it out of their own division before going through a murderer’s row that will likely include the Bills and one of the AFC West teams. But if I have learned one thing in the past year, it is to never bet against Joe Burrow.

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