Five Trade Destinations For Kevin Durant Amid Kyrie Irving Rumors

Rick Osentoski | USA TODAY Sports

Five Trade Destinations For Kevin Durant Amid Kyrie Irving Rumors


Five Trade Destinations For Kevin Durant Amid Kyrie Irving Rumors


Rick Osentoski | USA TODAY Sports

Could Kevin Durant really leave Brooklyn? It may become a reality if Kyrie Irving decides to leave the Nets. It has been reported that if Irving were to leave the Nets, it would trigger a response from Durant to want out from Brooklyn. Nobody knows what Irving will end up doing but whatever it is, it will have major implications on the rest of the league. Just a few seasons after the duo teamed up, could it come to an end? I’d say, quite possibly.

If Irving does bounce from the Nets and Durant then follows suit, where could he realistically go? Durant would need to be traded and it would likely require a major haul to acquire his services. Here are five destinations for Durant if his time in Brooklyn does come to an end:

  1. New York Knicks

-Durant was supposed to be a Knick before he ultimately signed with the Nets. He wouldn’t have to go very far and could make that reality finally come true. Going to New York would give the Knicks the superstar player that they have desperately wanted for so long. The Knicks would become a prime free agent destination if Durant were to join the team. Madison Square Garden would be rocking once again, and it would be headed by one of the top three players in the world. What a story this would be.

  1. Washington Wizards

-Durant goes back home. We have seen an influx of players going back to play for their home team and why not Durant. He could go home and pair up with Bradley Beal, creating one of the toughest duos in the entire league. The Wizards would be come instant championship contenders and Durant could help lead this franchise to the promise land.

  1. Dallas Mavericks

-Luka Doncic and Durant? Good luck to the rest of the NBA. This would create one of the strongest pairings that the league has seen in a long time. Durant could help teach Doncic how to get over the hump and win a title. The Mavericks would be tough to beat, and they would easily be able to attract players to come join the chase for a championship. Dallas would be in prime position to win their second ever championship if this were to happen.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies

-Now the idea of a player of Durant’s statue going to Memphis seems odd but it shouldn’t at all. The Grizzlies are the next big thing in the NBA and adding Durant would make this squad extremely tough to beat for years. They already have one of the best cores around the NBA and adding Durant would make them the favorite to win it all. Ja Morant and Kevin Durant, surrounded by the supporting cast that this roster has would be a scary thought for opposing teams.

  1. Miami Heat

-Now the best fit for Durant would be down in South Beach. Imagine Durant within the Miami Heat culture and coached by one of the best in the game in Erik Spoelstra. The Heat are so close to getting over their title drought and bringing in Durant would likely help that cause. Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler teaming up would be a sight to see for Heat fans.


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