Biggest Position Holes Left On Roster Series: NFC East Edition


Biggest Position Holes Left On Roster Series: NFC East Edition


Biggest Position Holes Left On Roster Series: NFC East Edition



Despite going through a long offseason of free agency, the draft and signing of undrafted free agents, there are still needs on teams that need to be met to be truly competitive. Every team has some sort of hole on their roster. How glaring that hole is can depend on the team and talent in the room, but every team will have them. The hard thing is finding the best way to address those positions going into the season, or at least alleviating the concerns of that hole by working around it on game day, or someone stepping up. I wanted to take a look at the holes on every NFL roster, this week taking a look at the NFC East!

Dallas Cowboys: Offensive Line

The Cowboys in the past have had a stout line that has created mismatches on the field. We went into the draft with the offensive line being the Cowboys biggest need and it was addressed in some fashion, but lineman Tyler Smith was drafted higher than most thought that he would, and a rookie on the offensive line with what they have lost is not ideal. There are still players in free agency that can help alleviate concerns here, but for now I think the offensive line remains where I see the issue for Dallas.

New York Giants: Quarterback

I wanted to put the offensive line here as the biggest hole amongst other question marks, but I really liked the Giants additions, even though it still leaves questions. For me though, I think we have already seen what you can get out of quarterback Daniel Jones and there needs to be something done to find a more competent starter. I like quarterback Tyrod Taylor and even Jones in a backup role, but it does not seem they have anyone at the position that can elevate the roster to be competitive and they should move on. 

Philadelphia Eagles: Safety

I honestly was surprised how confident I felt at most positions on the Eagles roster. They did a lot to address linebacker which I viewed as an issue, which makes me think the safety position is their biggest hole at this point. If the Philadelphia Eagles can do more to address this position, I think that they are going to have a very stout defense, with some high end capital to work with next year as well in the draft.

Washington Commanders: Linebacker

I had a hard time deciding between the linebacker position and the cornerback spots. I think both of these are holes that need to be addressed, but linebacker is more glaring. This part of the defense could really use some work, as the talent in the room is not up to what you would hope, which makes it a pretty glaring hole compared to other positions on Washington’s roster.

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