Biggest Position Holes Left On Roster Series: AFC South Edition

Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Biggest Position Holes Left On Roster Series: AFC South Edition


Biggest Position Holes Left On Roster Series: AFC South Edition


Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

A long offseason of free agency, the draft, and the signing of undrafted free agents, still leaves needs on teams that need to be met to be truly competitive. Every team has some sort of hole on their roster. How glaring that hole is can depend on the team and talent in the room, but every team will have them. The hard thing is finding the best way to address those positions going into the season, or at least alleviating the concerns of that hole by working around it on game day, or someone stepping up. I wanted to take a look at the holes on every NFL roster, this week taking a look at the AFC South!

Houston Texans: Wide Receiver

I have wide receiver as a theme of a hole on the rosters in the AFC South, but it is fitting. The Texans are keeping their guy in Brandon Cooks, but behind him is not a lot of talent, or question marks in rookies. The Houston roster has a lot of major question marks and holes that you could look at, but these skill players surrounding Mills in his second year are not my favorite and are listed as the Texans most glaring hole.

Indianapolis Colts: Wide Receiver

The Colts are really lacking someone to be a field stretcher and be an overall great receiver. I am a fan of Michael Pittman Jr., but I think that he is not an all-around elite guy you would hope to have as a number one. Alec Pierce coming out of college will help, but after the rookie, I am not a fan of the players behind them. Guys like Paris Campbell cannot stay healthy and have not done what would be hoped in the NFL so far. Until I am comfortable with the skill position, I will list wide receiver as the Colts’ biggest hole.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Offensive Line

Despite making moves to improve their offensive line, I still see this as the biggest weakness for the Jaguars. I love their running backs if healthy, and Trevor Lawrence can be a star with the right pieces around him. I think this is lacking on the line. Brandon Scherff will be a nice addition to their offense, but after watching it last year, it still feels like something needs to be done here, and we still need to see them work as a unit. For now it will stay listed as Jacksonville’s biggest hole.

Tennessee Titans: Wide Receiver

The Titans don’t have depth that I am a fan of, as the roster feels talented at the top, but not as you look at the rest of the roster. Where I see the biggest question mark for the Titans is at wide receiver. They traded away AJ Brown and lost Julio Jones, but did attain Robert Woods and drafted Treylon Burks. There is a lot of change up here, and as stated before, not a lot of depth. This makes me land on this position as the biggest hole, as we have not seen their starters in action in Tennessee yet, and they lack depth.


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