A Look Back At Bad Contracts by The Los Angeles Angels

Michael Owens/Getty Images

A Look Back At Bad Contracts by The Los Angeles Angels


A Look Back At Bad Contracts by The Los Angeles Angels


Michael Owens/Getty Images

News broke this past week that Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon will undergo season ending wrist surgery. Rendon left the Washington Nationals in 2019 after spending his first six years in the big leagues with the Nationals, including winning a World Series title in 2019.

The two-time All Star has since left the Nationals and signed a lucrative seven-year, $245 million contract with the Angels in 2020 and has been anything but productive for the Halos. Rendon played 52 games in 2020 but then again it was a 60 game season but just 58 games in 2021 as his season was derailed by injuries and now will be placed on the injured list for the rest of this year after playing less than 50 games.

This contract has not looked good for the Angels so far as their $245 million man has only hit a combined 20 home runs since coming to Anaheim.

This isn’t the first time the Angels paid a player a lucrative contract that has not worked out for them. Here’s a look back at the top five players they overpaid and has not worked out for them.

  1. Zack Cozart

Zack Cozart was a big mistake the Angels made. The Angels gave just the one time All-Star a three-year, $38 million contract and he was a trainwreck to put it lightly. He only lasted two years in Anaheim and hit just .190 with five home runs and 38 runs batted in over two years combined. Cozart only ended up playing 96 games for the Angels.

  1. Anthony Rendon:

The Anthony Rendon contract has already seemed to not work out at all as the Angels hope it would. As already mentioned, Rendon spent six years with the Washington Nationals and was considered to be a top five third baseman in the National League. He’s been to an All-Star game and is a two-time Silver Slugger. He has not found any success since coming to the Angels after signing that  seven year contract and injuries have been a major factor. Rendon had a solid 2020 season in the shortened season hitting .286 with nine home runs and 38 runs batted in. But since then, he has been anything but his normal self, only hitting .240 in 2021 in 58 games with season ending hip surgery and only slashing .228 in less than 50 games until more injuries derailed his season as he has to now undergo season ending wrist surgery. This now looks like another bad move on the Angels part.

  1. Vernon Wells:

Wells was traded to the Angels from the Toronto Blue Jays on January 21 in 2011 as he was still in the midst of a seven-year, $126 million contract. He still had four years left on that deal and the Angels seemed poised to take on the rest of that deal. Wells only ended up spending two years with the Halos and the production he had in Toronto, was not present in Anaheim. Wells just hit .222 with 36 home runs and 95 runs batted in in two years combined with the club. The Angels sent him to the New York Yankees in 2013 and to make things worse, they had to pay the rest of his contract after they traded him.   

  1. Albert Pujols:

This may be controversial to some baseball fans since Pujols has undoubtedly had an hall of fame career and will most likely be a first ballot one too. He never picked up all of his success he had with the St. Louis Cardinals, where he spent his first 11 years of his career there. The three-time National League MVP, nine-time All-Star and two-time World Series champion never really found success after he left the Cardinals. Pujols signed a 10-year $254 million deal with the Angels in 2012. In 11 plus years with the club, Pujols only had one All Star selection in 2015 and one 40 home run year in Anaheim in 2015 compared to six he had in St. Louis. And Pujols only ended up being in the postseason once in 2014. He was ultimately designated for assignment in May of 2021 and then picked up by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Even though Pujols did rack up some pretty solid numbers with the Angels, he was just never really as successful as he was with the Cardinals.

  1. Josh Hamilton

Every Angels and diehard baseball fan saw this one coming. The worst contract ever made by the Angels was to Josh Hamilton. Hamilton signed a 5-year, $125 million deal. Hamilton’s time with the Angels was filled with drug addictions, injuries and just simply bad play on the field. Hamilton only played two years with the club before the Angels shipped him off to the Rangers. He was a guy who was great with another team, hitting 43 home runs a year before to then just slash a .255 batting average and 31 home runs and 156 runs batted in in his two years in Anaheim. He was undoubtedly, the worst contract signing made by the Los Angeles Angels.

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