Top Five Relief Pitchers in MLB

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Top Five Relief Pitchers in MLB


Top Five Relief Pitchers in MLB

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Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Within the game of baseball, one of the main objectives for players is to hit the ball and score runs. However, there is another and that is getting the other team out. That job lands squarely on the shoulders of the pitchers on the roster. They have some of the highest level of control over how an outcome of a game will happen. If they have an off night, the team is likely to lose but while there are a ton of really good pitchers, there are also great ones. Even more important is the relief pitchers as they are tasked with trying to protect a lead often. If you can have a strong bullpen, you typically will have a strong team. TWSN lead baseball analysts Matt Levine and Logan Fulmer rank the top five relief pitchers in baseball today:

  1. Kenley Jansen, Atlanta Braves

-Coming in at number five is Kenley Jansen. The longtime Dodger is now sporting an Atlanta Braves jersey and it’s still taking some time to get used too. He has been one of the better relief pitchers over the last five plus seasons and is still very good. His cutter is effective and just simply gets batters out. He can be relied upon when coming into the game and for a relief pitcher, that’s exactly what you want.

  1. Jordan Romano, Toronto Blue Jays

-Normally you don’t think about the Blue Jays having strong relief pitchers, but Romano has been a staple of their bullpen. He has been dominant out of the pen and has kept his earned run average down over the last few seasons. The Blue Jays know that when he comes into the game, that he will likely shut down the other team. He finds himself slotting in as the fourth pitcher on this list.

  1. Liam Hendriks, Chicago White Sox

-One of the more fun players on this list, Hendriks just gets the job done. He is apart of the strong White Sox bullpen and is very difficult to hit. He is electric on the mound and got paid the big money for a reason. One of the better closers in the game, Hendriks is exactly what you want from your big time bullpen guy. He’s fiery and brings a certain energy when he enters the game. He lands as the third best relief pitcher on our list.

  1. Raisel Iglesias, Los Angeles Angels

-Probably the most controversial player on this list but we both love Iglesias and what he brings. He was able to be extremely effective for the reds and Angels over the last two seasons and that in itself is an accomplishment. He is a hard throwing pitcher who just gets outs. He comes in at number two on our list, even if he may be a little higher than expected.

  1. Josh Hader, Milwaukee Brewers

-It had to be Hader, right? He simply has been the best relief pitcher in all of baseball over the last few seasons and is simply almost unhittable when he is in the game. The Brewers have built a nice bullpen for themselves, and Hader is the leader of that. He easily comes in as the best relief pitcher in all of MLB.

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