The Unfortunate Nazem Kadri Situation Sheds Light on a Bigger Societal Issue


The Unfortunate Nazem Kadri Situation Sheds Light on a Bigger Societal Issue


The Unfortunate Nazem Kadri Situation Sheds Light on a Bigger Societal Issue


Sometimes within a sports game, there are moments that are bigger than the game being played and not in the good way. Recently, Colorado Avalanche center Nazem Kadri has been the subject of racist social media posts and threats to himself and his family. This comes after the player was involved in a collision with St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington during game three of the team’s playoff series. The collision now has Binnington missing the rest of the series, but the situation is much bigger than that of a playoff series. The Avalanche have said that they are aware of the threats made and were working with local law enforcement to investigate.

Many of the comments referenced Kadri and how he is a Muslim of Lebanese descent. The disgusting comments and sickening posts made in reference to Kadri, and his family have sparked much attention from the NHL. There is absolutely no place for these kind of comments or posts within sporting world and honestly, the world itself. Yet sadly this is the reality for many athletes of color and people of color around the United States.

Kadri’s wife shared just some of the messages that she received, and they aren’t for the faint of heart. For anyone to take a moment from a sporting event and decide to send a message with these kind of vulgar messages, shows more about their character than whatever happened in the pace of the game. The decision to publicly share the posts is one that the Kadri family must have weighed but in the end, it was the correct decision. Publicly blasting those who send these type of messages is the best way to deal with them. Racists need to be called out and shown for who they truly are.

The Avalanche players and coaching staff have supported Kadri throughout this time and Kadri even got a chance to send a message back to the Blues crowd during game four. He scored a goal that silenced the crowd and helped his team earn a huge victory. He embraced being the villain despite being the victim of racial attacks. While he played the villain against the Blues and their fans during a hockey game, the reality of the situation remains at large. These kinds of incidents shouldn’t happen at the commonality that they do and we as a society need to make sure that we don’t become numb to them.

The racial discourse is nothing new to many around the county and is something that unfortunately is still going on, even in 2022. Kadri acknowledge that he has dealt with racial slurs and comments his entire life and that he has become good at putting them in the rearview mirror. He also said that he feels sorry for those people who sent the repulsive comments towards him.

The fact that he said that he is used to these comments and has learned how to put them behind him is at the core of the problem. People of color, no matter if they are athletes or the average person, deal with this kind of abuse everyday of their life. It needs to stop, and it definitely has no place in the world of sports.

The geo-political culture that has engulfed this county has allowed those who would make these comments, believe that it’s an acceptable means of communication. Racism has always been present but has become outward at a higher rate of late. However, these people are mistaken and are the ones who will be on the wrong side of history. It’s a sad situation all around and one that should have never come to fruition. Its 2022, enough is enough.

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